Karan Daga’s FirstUp a Raipur-Based Coworking Dynamo Rakes in 2 Crores in Funding


Karan Daga’s FirstUp, a Raipur-Based Coworking Dynamo, Rakes in 2 Crores in Funding; Sets Sights on 10,000 Seats in the Next 18 Months In the spotlight today is Karan Daga, the force behind Raipur’s very own coworking sensation, FirstUp.

They’ve just bagged a cool 2 crores in funding and have their eyes fixed on rolling out a whopping 10,000 seats in the coming 18 months. So, here’s the tale: Karan was hanging out at the CHESS Startup event in Rungta College Bhilai when he decided to make a move.

Spotting Rahul Narvekar, a big shot at the event, Karan went for it. Mr. Narvekar gave him a shout to Delhi, hooked him up with some Angels, and gave Karan the lowdown on his pitch and business plan. Result? Investment secured.

A true-blue first-gen entrepreneur, Karan sniffed out an opportunity earlier this year and kicked off FirstUp with a modest 2000 sq ft space in Civil Lines. Fast forward to today, and FirstUp is the big shot in Civil Lines, right next to the Governor’s House, boasting a whopping 250+ seats.

Hold your horses – they’re gearing up to take over a whole building, adding a mind-boggling 750+ seats soon! But it’s not just about the desks and chairs for FirstUp; they’re juggling offices and flexible spaces, catering to the big guns, small fry, and solo warriors. And guess what? Karan’s not hitting the brakes.

He’s eyeing more centers popping up all over Raipur and spreading the coworking vibes to other parts of the state and beyond. Coworking’s having its moment in India, especially after the COVID rollercoaster.

While the global scene might be a bit gloomy, Wework India’s holding its ground. And guess who’s joining the party? But here’s the kicker – Karan’s not doing this solo. He’s eyeing partnerships with the real estate bigwigs to fuel his future empire.

Oh, and he’s on the lookout for some talent to amp up the community and make some big moves. Raipur, get ready for the coworking revolution – Karan Daga’s leading the charge with FirstUp!


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