Jammu And Kashmir Show Its Abundant Culinary Contibution At WFI

Jammu And Kashmir

Jammu And Kashmir Trade Promotion Organisation( JKTPO), as part of its trials towards easing entrepreneurs with vital request liaison and openings on both domestic and transnational fronts, shared in World Food India( WFI) held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on Tuesday.

The JKTPO, in an bid to appear the vision of Government of Jammu and Kashmir of furnishing request liaison to entrepreneurs of the UT, shared as the “ Focus State ” in the ‘ World Food India 2023 ’ event and eased participation of 24 fair from the region. This engagement was aimed at enhancing request exposure and connecting these fair with a different followership of transnational and domestic buyers and guests. The ‘ World Food India 2023 ’ event, now in its alternate edition, was inaugurated at Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

The event’s primary ideal was to place India as the ‘ food handbasket of the world ’ and celebrate 2023 as the International Year of Millets. During the address, Narendra Modi stressed the unique agrarian and horticulture products being exported from India, including black garlic from Himachal Pradesh, dragon fruit from Jammu and Kashmir, soya milk greasepaint from Madhya Pradesh, and more.

The fair from Jammu And Kashmirshowcased wide variety of authentic GI tagged and high quality food products from Jammu and Kashmir before the buyers from different corridor of the country and globe. The products displayed by the fair included Apples, Walnuts, Red Chillies, order sap, Honey, Lavender oil painting, Mushkbudji, Lemon lawn oil painting, Saffron, Dragon fruit and other reused food products which are notorious not only in India but across the world for their unique selling points. Jammu and Kashmir also laboriously shared in knowledge sessions alongside Gujarat, Netherlands, Ministry of Aayush, Punjab and others.

The main theme of Jammu And Kashmir sessions centred around ‘ Women Leadership in Jammu And Kashmir, ’ during which seven women entrepreneurs from the region participated their gests in their business gambles besides evolving the part of technology in their entrepreneurial peregrinations.

specially, during the Business- to- Government( B2G) and Government- to- Government( G2G) meetings, prominent numbers and leaders from the business world, similar as Sharaf- ud- noise Sharaf, Vice Chairman of Sharaf Group UAE, Yusuf Tambawala, Vice President of Ghassan Aboud Group UAE, Salim VI, Chief Operating Officer of Lulu Group UAE, Do Duy Khanh, First Secretary at the Embassy of Vietnam, Ranjeet Kohli, CEO & Executive Director of Britannia, Vivek Chandra, CEO of LT Foods, Sanjay Singanai, Vice President of Haldiram, Kaif Siddiqui, General Manager of Godrej Tyson, and other high- ranking directors shared, fostering meaningful collaborations.

JKTPO’s active involvement in World Food India 2023 farther demonstrated the region’s commitment towards promoting its different and abundant culinary immolations, creating openings for trade, investment and global connectivity. “


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