Is Vernacular next Battleground on the Internet?

Is Vernacular next Battleground on the Internet | Karo Startup | Inspiring Startup Stories

Imagine a digital world free of linguistic fences, free from the monopoly of English as the only language on the internet that many people of India cannot interpret.

The fast-growing internet and widened network and native people of Indiprovidees a significant number of internet users. You just can’t ignore the native Indians.

Byjus founder revealed that “Almost every 60% of their users come from outside of the top 10 cities and the videos in Hindi enjoy a wider view ship than those in English.” This is the power of vernacular!

The increased penetration of smartphones and affordable internet has brought India’s regional languages into sharp focus.

Major internet brands are already in this fight. Google supported 8 local languages; Facebook has 12 Indian languages, while Twitter is standing at seven languages.

Following the trend, e-commerce brands Amazon and Flipkart has already launched the apps in Hindi.

A fresh Start

How many bets you will put on that how big opportunities you will get by going local provide you?

According to a RedSeer Consulting report, Indian language internet user is growing 13% annually where the rise of English users is just 1% annually.

According to a KPMG-Google study, 201 million Hindi users will be expected to be online by 2021. Nine out of ten users will use the local language.

Besides the giant players, startups are also racing in this battle. Many startups like ShareChat, Vokal, Pratilipi, Lokal, etc., are using varied mediums like audio, video, text in the regional languages.

Way to Vernacular

Different companies are using various strategies to excel in the war of vernacularism. 

The famous payment gateway Paytm currently offers 10 languages among which Hindi is the most popular.

 To provide the best service in regional language Paytm working with in-house and freelancers to generate accurate and relevant regional content.

There are numerous benefits when you go ‘vernacular’ in digital marketing. You can enable two-way communication between brand and customer.

Interacting in the regional language makes the conversation meaningful.

You will experience a high engagement when you start conversing with user in their language on social media. It is found that 70% of Indians find digital content in their own language more reliable than English.

By keeping all these points in mind, you can win this battle.

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