Interns World- Bringing a myriad of Internship Opportunities Globally for the Students to Explore their Learning Horizons

Interns World (IW) is an online EduTech platform where every student can have information about the constantly evolving world for employment opportunities. The firm is pleased to serve all possibilities to the students of every niche of the world. They believe that no one should be less appreciated on Economic background or lack of information and opportunities. 

The Interns World welcomes everyone and helps to find their career path regardless of their grades and educational background. They intend to introduce facilities for everyone who has passion and is ready to put efforts into pursuing their dream career. 

Meet the Foundation Pillars

Mayur Paghdal, an MBA in Finance, is currently working as a Project, Digital and International Marketing consultant with his consultancy firm name – Karma Mark Start Consultancy LLP. He has an excellent experience of 7+ years in the industry and has explored many countries with the concept of work. During his exploration of work in different parts of the world many organizations like Rotary international, YMCA and business institutions has played a huge role in connecting with international business networks. 

Mayur Paghdal, Co-Founder of Interns World

Vaishali Parekh is a woman Entrepreneur who is HR, System & 5s Coach by profession. Vaishali is an author too who believes in bringing a change and contributing back to the community. She has set up and has explored different areas of management consulting and wishes to provide a platform that can be helpful to students to start their professional journey. 

She believes that everyone has promising ideas. As she has in-depth knowledge about the ins and outs of career growth, she preferred to mould the students’ future from the beginning, and for that, she decided to start her third start-up with Mayur.

Vaishali Parekh, Co-Founder at Interns World

The Beginning 

They started working on different ideas and how to implement them. Due to distance and Covid they had to carefully decide their next steps so when Mayur was travelling to Dubai for his other project he decided to visit India and put their ideas and plans into action. In meantime, Mayur’s sister got internship opportunity in New Zealand, and she also shared her own experience and suggestions for this start-up. After a little more brainstorming (Yuhi baaton mein) Vaishali picked up the idea and started managing the initial work while Mayur managed Trademark and other processes. With persistence and mutual understanding, they started this Nobel work in June. 

Now, the company is officially registered as Interns World Technologies LLP. Interns World (IW-Idub) aims to avail the right-fit career opportunities for global youth with knowledge and skills of Industry demand and academic disparity. 

The Idea behind Interns World 

The idea behind initiating Interns World is to change the mindset and academic pattern. In current time there is a huge gap between academics and what industry needs. Academics are based on theories or sets of chapters whereas industry is looking from a wider perspective. In between these two students are struggling to find their right path which sometimes leads to financial burden, mental health etc. 

So, the duo wishes to provide a one-stop solution for academics and industry. They want students to have on hand training and real industry experience to make them ready for their dream role. It will provide industry to groom their future top employees as per current market and other hand provide school/colleges to begin a new trend. 

The X Factor 

Idub (Interns World) is beyond profits; it’s more about the founders’ commitment to society. It’s about what they have earned, what all they are giving back. Talking about the services, the duo highlighted that they offer industry designed programs and training. Before the internship, they assess them at their level. The company plans to bring out AI-based assessments, too; there will be more new products soon. 

The Stumble Blocks 

As such, the company didn’t face any challenge from competitors. Instead, they faced difficulties from academic and passive candidate attitudes either due to Covid or other reasons, but that’s a fact. The government approach is also a challenge for them.

Business Strategy and Revenue Model 

Currently, the company is bootstrapped and has not approached investors yet; it is self-funded. As told by the founders, they have loss-making and cost-effective strategies parallel to each other with some new ideas. They are planning to launch Training programs where anyone can learn even 10th pass or fail. 

In this pandemic, they have offered free services to support all category candidates.

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