Internet Coaching Empire – Helping Experts And Service Providers To Scale

Internet Coaching Empire is a genuine, well-crafted course that will teach you how to establish an online empire. All users have to do is ‘trust the process and finish all tasks and responsibilities.’

Even if you don’t have any resources, then the Internet Coaching Empire can assist professionals and service providers in starting and expanding their consulting businesses to seven figures in the shortest period feasible.

It has completed four case studies to date and is always searching for motivated individuals who wish to achieve the same achievements.

About The Founder

Mr. Himanshu Agrawal is the founder of the Internet Coaching Empire that assists professionals in starting and growing their consulting companies to six figures and beyond without requiring them to pay for advertisements or purchase expensive software.

To cut a long tale short, Himanshu earned INR 6000 per month as a business coach, which drove him to stress about how to develop a coaching business so that he could earn more money. Consequently, the “Internet Coaching Empire” was born, and they are now educating individuals in more than 5 countries, generating 4+ six-figure learners, and having a great time doing it. Himanshu invites everyone to jump on board and change the world as an expert or service provider.

Mr. Himanshu Agrawal, founder of Internet Coaching Empire

The Inspiration For Starting

The founder was employed as a full-time business coach in Indore by Jitesh Manwani, with the express goal of expanding a coaching/consulting firm. He used his internet expertise while being fresh to the sector to achieve tremendous development.

He used the same strategies in other enterprises, and they were successful, resulting in the formation of “Internet Coaching Empire in 2020 [Indore, Madhya Pradesh]”. They now assist professionals and service providers throughout the world in expanding their enterprises.

Why the Internet Coaching Empire?

The primary difference is that the Internet Coaching Empire is more concerned with outcomes than income statistics, resulting in a very active and expanding community. This is unique because it provides a community and network for exponential development while also hand-holding till learners succeed with a money-back guarantee.

Most consultants and service providers, according to Internet Coaching Empire, are good in their domain but not so good at running a lucrative business where they step in and handhold them to establish a business of their dreams with a money-back guarantee.

They provide services like:

  • A coaching enterprise on the internet
  • Edutech
  • Assisting specialists and service providers in strengthening their companies

Challenges In The Journey

  • Developing a dependable revenue stream
  • Building a firm to seven figures with a staff of a maximum of 22-year-olds was challenging, but they managed it.
  • Ensuring that consumers receive the desired outcome
  • Getting the first client from scratch (2 GB ram taped PC with a Rs.15,000 phone) and then expanding to six figures
  • Determining paid media channels and developing automated methods

It was simple for Himanshu to do the people’s labor. With the method he had, the most difficult challenge was selling his first course to a stranger. He recalls asking for Rs.6000 on a phone call to a lady in Dubai.

Which was shocking because it was his one-month income, but she paid. The second was when he received his first testimonial, in which an individual made $500 (Rs.35,000) in one day from a monthly salary of Rs.7,000 as a tuition teacher.

The Funding

The Internet Coaching Empire has bootstrapped its way to this point and intends to do so in the future. The primary reason is that the creator views this firm as a community-building asset that he wants to steer according to his wishes rather than as an investor.

Growth Strategy

The Internet Coaching Empire operates on a fairly straightforward business strategy. They provide an online course to help learners build their businesses and “done for you” services to help them scale. They provide two price options. Also, make things as essential as possible to concentrate on fewer tasks and get more done.

The Business Plans

When it comes to the goal, the Internet Coaching Empire wants to establish an ecosystem of specialists and service providers for the current world, as well as revolutionize the way the business works.

After 6 figure case studies, they intend to develop several 7 figure case studies shortly. Internet Coaching Empire’s objective for the coming year is to increase the company’s sales to multiple seven figures.

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