Innovative Gifts Is Providing One Of The Best Curated Collections Of Personalised Gifts.

Personalised gifts are amassing more and more exposure nowadays. They have become a heavy contender in gift-giving, and it’s no surprise why. We all crave for the absolute best for ourselves and our loved ones. 

About Innovative Gifts

Shailesh Prajapati founded Innovative Gifts in 2020. Innovative Gifts have come a long way after laying its first stone in Ahmedabad. Shailesh initiated the start-up with his passion for providing innovative gifts in the market. 

Innovative Gifts offers its clientele the best gift products in the market of personalised gift items at an attractive and affordable rate. The company now serves customers and buyers all over India. The founder is overwhelmed and intrigued to turn his passion into a website. 

Innovative Gifts till now have been improvising with limited resources and have cobbled together in every field. Shailesh Prajapati, the founder of Innovative Gifts, is doing the role of a graphic designer by learning how to make videos. 

Shailesh wishes to make Innovative Gifts one of the best Customized Gift Platforms and strives to create at least one new product every month. He envisions to become Ahmedabad’s Best Gifting Company.

Apart from being an E-Commerce based company, the company also commenced serving local customers. 

What Do Innovative Gifts Provide to its Customers?

Innovative Gifts is an Ecommerce Gifting Company, and its Legal Name is Gentle Edge Marketing. The company offers it’s buyers multi-category gifts. Offering the following products/services: 

3D Printed Gifts: The company provides Dual illusion name/Flip Name, Sweeping Desk Plate, Customized Moon Lamp, Lithophane Lamp, Lithophane Keychain.

Customised Wallet: Proposes wallets such as Imported Leather Customized

Gents Wallet, Customized Clutch, Couple Combo wallet, Leather Keychain, etc.

Corporate Gifts: Offers corporate gifts such as Sweeping Desk Plate, LED Keychain, Premium Pen, Corporate Pens.

The company also offers other trending gifts items for mates and couples.

The USP: Why is Innovative Gifts Different?

In the typical Gifting sector, there is vast competition with new companies coming up every day. There are many significant and prominent websites for customised gifts with a high price range. At the same time, some of the manufacturers provide those items at a low cost. Deprived of having a platform to do so; they do not reach their targeted audience. 

Innovative Gifts is a platform where multi-category innovative gift products are introduced at an economical and affordable price.

Stumbling Blocks in the Journey 

Sales Part:

While pursuing a digital marketing course from an institute, Shailesh witnessed some unique gift products he bought for himself at a very high cost. After proper research, he learned that the product is value for money as it was outstanding, but he paid a little more extra.

He came across references which made these kinds of gifts and created an Instagram page. As a digital marketer, he began spending an amount on ads. Being in ECommerce advance payment is a must, but because of the fraud phenomenon in India, the company’s sales ratio was too low. 

After facing so many challenges, Shailesh decided to create a website, to which he received an overwhelming response.

Product Part:

Being a newcomer, the company is improving and developing. Few customers were not satisfied with the product at initial days. To solve this issue and to gain the trust of the customers, they launched a new product called Lithophane lamp and sent it to the buyers without charging any amount. Customer satisfaction is the topmost priority for the company. 

Innovative Gifts: Business Strategies 

The company acknowledges that one of its products is unique, and for its manufacturing, the machine takes 10-11 hours for 1 Unit. So, manufacturing in bulk was quite tricky. After doing proper research, the company came up with a dye solution for the product. This will help in producing it in large size and can also reduce the cost by up to 90%. The dye can help with 10% of customisation, which is a unique idea.  

According to the founder, gifting is an evergreen segment with a considerable margin. Innovative Gifts want to do scalable business. They strive to boost the turnover by providing gifts at a lower cost comparatively. Currently, the company does not have any investors but are looking for some promising ones.

Into the Future

Innovative Gifts are newcomers; the company does not have any CRM to manage leads or orders. It is a single-handed company run by Shailesh Prajapati who is doing this as a side business.

Shailesh wishes to enhance his business in corporate gifting, and he intends to expand his product portfolio. He is in a search for the right time to opt this E-commerce as a full-time business. With persistence, he plans to work harder and take this company to great success. 

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