Initiative Taken by a B.Tech Student in Providing Secure Jobs to Unskilled Labours

Initiative taken by a B. Tech Student in Providing Secure Jobs to Unskilled Labours

Labour in India refers to the vocation in the market of India. According to the sources, there are approximately 487 million workers in India in 2012. After China, India is the second-largest in unincorporated, disordered enterprises of approximately 94% ranging from trolley vendors to home-based diamond and gem polishing procedures. The assigned sector includes workers hired by the government, state-owned companies, and private sector companies.  Organized sector hired 27.5 million craftsmen in 2008 out of which 17.3 million operated for government or government-owned entities

Chandrakant Tiwari Co Founder of Majdoor Mera Naam Pvt. Ltd.

 He is a 3rd yr, Mechanical engineering. He started the company in 2019 after 1 yr of market research and small tested execution. He noticed that India is a country where the number of unskilled labour is in abundance and their employment opportunities are scarce. They rarely got employment for approximately 10-15 days. They were unable to receive their daily wages, the contractor used to keep wages for 3-4 days. There were no insurances for the labour if any mishappening happens. Children were not able to get an education. He thought of easing these situations faced by the labour class.

MMN : The Labour Saviour

Majdoor Mera Naam PVT Ltd is an online platform providing work to unskilled labour the business is consolidated and works on an online basis. This platform is designed for various labour works. The achievements till date, have been the successful on-boarding of 5000 labours on our prominence system, creation of contractor databases, and recognition across 3 state policy based competitions. Also, we have been recognized as the best social impact idea at the regional rounds of multiple national startup events.

Labour Union
  • Their head office is in Kolkata and right now they are communicating from their Patna office they are currently available in Patna, Danapur, Bihta.
  • They have been the winner of START-UP-YATRA 2018, TIECON 2020pr, KOLKATA, LIT KGP, and many college-level programs.
  • They have been funded approximately 1.5 crore till now.

The Vision of Majdoor Mera Naam Pvt. Ltd. That leads to Success

  Their vision is to:

  1. Guaranteed wages at the end of the day
  2. 10% more wages as compared to normal workers.
  3. Approximately 2 lakh rupees accidental insurance
  4.  Helping them to educate their kids
  5. Providing works on daily wages to unskilled labour 

 They had to struggle a lot from convincing labour, contractor, and erasing the line of the middle man. They were hesitant to believe in our plan. They have orthodox thinking of the true and noble kind of job is when they get it from contractors.

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