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‘Induuji Ke Remedies’ will Help You Get all your Answers for Your Daily Life-related Problems

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“Astrology reveals the will of the gods.”    —Juvenal

They say it is all in the stars. If a person can somewhat accurately foresee something good or bad will happen in your professional or personal lives, why not build a business around it, and reach a broader audience.

Astro Numerology is an assortment of astrology and numerology to analyze attitude, personality, and plan future tendencies in one’s life.

Meet the Founder: Indu Ahuja

At the age of 15, Indu Ahuja, an Astro Numero Television Celebrity started working. She worked in diverse fields before procuring into Occult. She tried her luck wisdom, applying mehndi, stock market data forms, interior designing, painting.

She also took hobby classes for painting, art & craft and many more. Moreover, Indu also worked as a beautician, hairdresser, bridal makeup and hair artist. The list does not end here. She even served in the Airport Reservation Department.

Indu Ahuja pursued her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Mumbai. Indu is also a certified Yoga and Mudra teacher. Indu has also pursued Doctorate in Naturopathy, Diploma in Travel and Tourism, Diploma in Interior Decoration and Diploma in Cosmetology Science. 

Indu Ahuja was the Crystal Ball Gazer and Pendulum Dowser Brand Ambassador for the ‘Bhavishyaphal Sitaron Se Hal’ show. Indu also starred on Zee Anmol, Zee Smile, Zee Khana Khazana, IndiaTv, News 24, Raj tv and 9X. She is a Vastu Expert, Fengshui Expert, Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader, and Business Card Consultant.

About Induuji Ke Remedies

Induuji Ke Remedies’ first stone was laid by Indu Ahuja, a successful Crystal Ball Gazer, Pendulum Dowser and a Counsellor with over 21 years of expertise and skills. It strives to resolve Vastu, Home, Kitchen, Money, Job, Promotion, Business, Relationship problems. In a nutshell, it attempts to solve its clientele Daily Life Problem Solutions. 

According to the Founder, If a person follows their remedies with maximum morality and belief, he/she will get abrupt and incredible aftermaths.

Founder’s Idea behind Induuji Ke Remedies

For Indu Ahuja, astrology has been her fascination for a long time. Ultimately, she has chosen to take it as a profession. She inherited this passion from her father, who had an in-depth proficiency of astrology. Hence, the journey commenced as an occult.

Induuji Ke Remedies rolling out on Social Media 

On its Youtube Channel, Induuji Ke Remedies lets you discover straightforward and super-strong remedies, tried and tested ways. These remedies are acceptable to put up with and help solve problems with Vastu, Home, Kitchen, Money, Job, Promotion, Business, Relationships in general.

Customers and audiences will have immediate and outstanding results if they seek these remedies with immense faith. Induuji Ke Remedies has already earned a favourable response to its Water Therapy. 

Induuji Ke Remedies’ youtube channel has four lakh+ subscribers with 5 Crores above reviews.

Indu Ahuja: An Ardent Learner

Indu Ahuja, Founder of Induuji Ke Remedies, has professionally mastered in Different types of Occult Science Therapies

  • Crystal Ball Gazing, ️Water Gazing
  • ️Numerology and Vastu
  • Fengshui
  • Tarot and Angel Card Reading
  • Switchwords
  • Magical Healing Numbers
  • Yantra Therapy and Mantra Therapy
  • ️Intuitive Pendulum Dowsing 
  • Business Card Designing, Logo Designing
  • Signature and Handwriting Analysis 
  • ️Beach Flower Remedies

Indu has done over 2100 live Television Astro shows on various channels. She was the Brand Ambassador for “Bhavishyaphal Sitaron sey Hal” and “The Astro Channel”.

The Mayor of Mumbai awarded Indu Ahuja as the Best Crystal Ball Gazer in India and the Best Vastu Expert from Ishma.

Indu Ahuja’s specialisation is unravelling people’s hardships and difficulties just by listening to their voice. Any individual can interrogate for a solution for not only for themselves but also for their dearest ones, be it relatives or friends over a phone call. 

Remedies are explicit about the following. It is only necessary to comply with absolute confidence and trust. To know more about Indu Ahuja and Induuji Ke Remedies you need to visit her website Induuji Ke Remedies has her Youtube Channel. Any person can have access to various remedies and ways to get solutions to his/her problems. Just subscribe it to not to miss any treatment.

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