Indian Startup Founder created an AI Tool that Helps you To Vote The Right Candidate

AI Tool

“A simple interactive chatbot for politicians can create a more active engagement beyond merely a poster or an advertisement, empower voters with the right information, and understand the electorate’s concerns with regard to the constituency,” Chakravarthy said. Chakravarthy has developed AI for campaigning and has entered the poll fray from the high-stakes Jubilee Hills Assembly constituency.

Moreover, he aims to create awareness about his product during campaigning.“AI Tool has generated interest across the world. We came up with the idea of using it to reshape political campaigning. An AI assistant or a candidate’s AI avatar can be used to interact with lakhs of voters simultaneously,” Chakravarthy said.

At present, AI tool is extensively used in sectors like customer care, healthcare and the F&B industry. However, the 36-year-old claims its use-case in politics will be transformative.

The startup founder, unlike other candidates, will not hit the road for campaign. “We will go for digital advertisements and engage with the community through Facebook and WhatsApp groups to show how effective our tool is,” Chakravarthy said. Chakravarthy’s team began work on the product about eight months ago and has approached political parties and leaders.

“While some leaders were keen to use it, a few others did not understand the value AI brings to the table. There is a fear of change among politicians. Hence, I decided to contest and showcase the use of AI Tool in politics,” he says.


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