Indian Company Recognised for Halting the Records Continuously

Indian Company Recognised for Halting the Records Continuously v Live India | karo Startup

V Live India is an Indian private limited company that is marketing with electronics and manufacturing since 2016. LED TV, DTH box, air conditioner, home theatre and CCTV cameras are the main products offered by this company to its customers. The company strongly acknowledges the ‘Make in India’ concept, which is the solitary reason behind the products being genuine. All the products are authentic and made in India. V Live India has its business expanded across the country as well as abroad. It comprises more than 50 authorised stores all around the globe, and a team of 400 employees are formerly operating for the company.

Virtues and Values

According to the Founder and Director of V Live India, Mr Manish Sharma, it is such an honourable and delighted moment not only for him but for every employee that associates to V Live India.

Mr Manish Sharma is one of those extraordinary business individuals who believe in bringing about a profit and befriending people and especially Indians. He also highlighted that being from an Indian brahmin family; he always had these virtues that the only goal of a person shouldn’t be earning and saving, but also to serve the people in need. Mr Manish Sharma is often spotted in NGO or orphanages donating, aiding and comforting people.

V Live India Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma
V Live India

Breaking the Stumbling block Together

V Live India Manish Sharma | Karo Startup

According to Mr Sharma, it was never manageable to establish and handle a big business realm. V Live India’s journey was more of a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs, but he rose as an influential entrepreneur. He bestows the prestige of all the accomplishments of him and V Live India to his divinity, family, companions and all the hands of V Live India. With all the breaking news, big tie-ups and collaborations and significant funding; V Live India is presently known as the most heroic and the extensively significant rule and record-breaker in the real corporate world.

Into the Future

According to our trusted references, one of the heftiest and reputed companies from the United States of America is shortly going to work together with V Live India and is probable to sponsor the company around 55,00,000 USD by the end of this month. This big alliance or collaboration can be a game-changer or a menace for all the Indian companies that lately exist in the corporate world and also for the new and mature companies that are readying themselves for the race of the corporate world.

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