In an ed-tech winter, this bootstrapped start-up has grown at a scintillating rate of 70%.

With programs in Financial Markets, Investment Banking, Data-Driven Decison-Making, and Entrepreneurship, Finlatics has enabled close to 38,000 students across the country & abroad with the tools they need to face the job market. In a time when most ed-techs are in a crisis, Finlatics has maintained an annual rate of growth close to 70%. 

Finlatics’ core objective remains to improve student employability by bridging the gap between theory & the real world by helping them gain relevant experience. 

How does Finlatics increase employability? 

Each program’s pedagogy includes experiential learning through real-world simulated technology & relevant case projects. Support systems include video-based learning and consistent one-on-one mentoring through each module to ensure each learner completes the program equipped with the knowledge & experience to face the job market. 

Along with increasing employability, Finlatics’s work experience programs also enable students to make informed decisions when picking an area of specialization in their final year. Yashaswi, an NMIMS student, faced a dilemma between two specializations – Marketing & Finance. While leaning toward Finance, she was unsure whether it would be the right pick for her. Here, the Financial Analyst Program in Financial Markets & Investment Banking was instrumental. “This is when I came to the Finlatics website. The expertise in the learning videos, the games, the practical assignments, and the research project were the highlights. The program taught me the concepts in the most innovative way and made me apply them to real companies, understand private equity investment models, and how I would come across as a startup too.” The program strengthened her conviction that Finance was the right pick for her final year specialization. 
Along with its finance offerings, the company’s offering in data-driven decision making – the Finlatics Business Analyst Experience Program has been tremendously successful. Shubham Gupta, a student from IMT Ghaziabad, commented, “On the BAEP, I thrived on data-driven decision-making and excel at solving complex business problems. Using the MECE problem-solving method and tools like MS Excel and Power BI, I’ve tackled diverse projects, from boosting profitability for a multinational tech company to evaluating a tourism venture’s feasibility. These experiences honed my analytical skills and expanded my industry knowledge. I am grateful for the invaluable lessons and opportunities I’ve had.”


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