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Ideas for Virtual Team-building To Keep Staff Tied-Up And Motivated

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Though working from home has become very popular over a couple of years in a large number of industries, nobody would’ve visualised the giant leap taken by the world into practice as the coronavirus pandemic came up in the initial months of 2020. Within a few weeks, many non-essential companies promptly resolved methods to make working from home possible for employees. 

Team building is said to be an essential endeavour that one must make as a business owner. If business persons retain a team of workers, they possibly spend a lot of time considering methods to boost high-quality work and productivity. However, it is necessary to spend time finding out the competent work-life stability among their team and building company civilisation. 

Here are a few activities that help in keeping distant staffs connected:

Water Cooler Chats

To keep each member-focused, the business person should consider organising weekly (or daily) water cooler chats or team huddles. Through dedicated intervals, these virtual chats can benefit productivity and communication while also providing an opportunity for each one to share personal experiences and celebrations. Every business area thinks over having an in-person conversation with the employees. It is necessary to have some facetime with the workers, and one of the best methods of doing this is company retreats. During this duration, it must be a good balance of play and work. 

Business owners should try and focus on binding with every individual they have who has been helping them out in their business. They should show them some gratitude and acknowledge and ensure to have a full roster for fun activities, cross-training employees, team-building, and indeed, some downtime for each one to relax. 

Happy Hour 

One of the most relaxing activities that people worldwide do is a drink to de-stress after a long day. Similarly, the business owner can go out for lunch in person, and when this is not possible, he can reunite the team virtually for lunch. As the employer of remote employees, it is good to exhibit your fun side and that you do not simply want to absorb in only business-related activities with the staff. 

If he cannot meet locally, then he must fix a time for a virtual happy hour so that everyone will share what they are having, along with their favourite beverages and foods, in an informal, relaxed setting. 

Book club and Powerful Podcasts

Another way a business owner can build a team effectively with their workers is to prosper cooperatively. Reading good books that each one is mesmerised about and occupied with and then talking over what they’ve grasp can help them grow as a company. Although finance-and business-related books might be the most accessible theme, they can even have fun and involve fiction books. 

Now, does your team maintain a list of most-liked podcasts that could be advantageous for the team to listen to and later talk it over together? Business owners can take an extra step by considering how the team can produce and develop their podcast, which will help in educating the audience and permit them to be industry thought-leaders.

Game Night

Numerous different games can be played together both physically and virtually. In case someone is in the same city, they can gather for board games and drinks. However, if they are at home (remote), they can play games together online. If games are not the specific taste of your workers, they can go for online watch parties for TV shows or movies. 

If owners are unsure how to play games online, they should consider what they usually do while camping out with no cards, board games, or similar stuff handy. While using Skype, Zoom, or an online video meeting, they can still play games such as charades quickly. 

Competitions Every Month 

Holding monthly competitions are a great way of engaging with the employees and building up an enjoyable atmosphere where workers sportingly compete. These competitions can be planned to ensure loyalty, boost productivity, and so on. 

Owners also need to ensure that the contest is not of a sort where the reward is so trifled that people do not care about it. They should give away gift cards, special rewards, or something that will motivate everyone to compete.

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