How to Talk to Your Team

How to Talk to Your Team | Karo startup | Inspiring Startup Stories

In this crisis keeping your team motivated and informed is a complex but essential task. Communicating between teams is not easy as all team members are dispersed, and inadequate communication between teams will impact the whole organization.

So, here are Some Tips for Maintaining Transparency and Open Communication within the Team.

1. Be an Accessible Leader

An accessible leader is like an “open-door policy”, which means they are always available to interact with their employees. An accessible leader doesn’t stand on title or hierarchy and is available for the team. If you don’t want COVID-19 to impact your organization operations, then you should take responsibility to maintain the same communication as it was back there in office. You can keep a virtual coffee chat over Zoom or skype to keep things normal within the team and know how they are doing.

2. Follow the Process

In this situation, structured communication is essential. You should fix the meeting timetable and stick to it no matter what and make your team do so. For example, you can keep three meetings a week. In which, all three have different objectives. One will be about how the flow of work is going. Another one will be a brainstorming or problem-solving session. And others to keep a check on your team that how their life is going in lockdown.  By creating such a pattern, you can keep your team together.

3. Acknowledge your Team’s Stress

We know that work is not everything, especially when lots of things are happening around the world. At this point mental and physical health is important. You should emphasize on “monotasking” for better focus and mental stress. Keep checking on your team about their work and what they are going through. Provide free meditation and yoga programs to your team to keep them mentally healthy.

4. Give Employees a Platform and a Voice

Even with the increase in the number of meetings and chat, some employees never share any problem or feedback in front of their team or superior. All people are not comfortable when it comes to raising their voices publicly. To solve this problem, you can create a portal where your employees can give their suggestions and feedback anonymously. They can share the problem they are going through without mentioning their name. You will get candid feedback there, and this kind of feedback is so critical.

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