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How to start Agritech Startup in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh

How to start Agritech Startup in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh | Karo Startup
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Agriculture is the foundation of the nation. With more than 70% of Indian families still dependent on farming, the part holds enormous potential for agritech startup. Today, a farmer doesn’t know where his produce goes or how. With global warming and water shortage, he is fighting for maintainable practices and more help from the government side.

Even though agriculture is the fundamental source of occupation for more than 58% of the Indian populace, this sector is in the grip of different difficulties, for example, unpredictable monsoon, rising development, and the management expenses and nation’s over-reliance on seasonal monsoon.

Let’s look at how you can start your Agritech Startup in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Every startup is raised to address the solution to some problems faced by society. An agritech startup should solve farmers’ issues and help them better their condition and crops. To figure out the answer, we first need to search the root cause of the situation by studying the various factors like the climate of the region, the favorable crop, and the farmers’ crisis. This will give insight into where you need to begin and which problem you need to address. The factors are mentioned below:

1. Geographical Region

To start an agritech startup in Bihar, you should be aware of its geographical aspects. The state enjoys the advantage of its specific location because of its access to eastern and northern India’s vast markets. Bihar is located in the east part of India. Bihar shares boundary with West Bengal in the east, Nepal in the north, Uttar Pradesh in the west, and Jharkhand in the south.

Geographical Region Agritech Startup | Karo Startup

Uttar Pradesh is a northern state surrounded by the Ganga and Yamuna, the two propitious Indian mythology rivers. Uttar Pradesh shares boundary with Madhya Pradesh in the South, Haryana in west Rajasthan, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, and Bihar in the east and Uttaranchal in the north and Nepal contact the northern outskirts of Uttar Pradesh. Before starting an agritech startup in Uttar Pradesh, you should keep its geographical aspect in mind.

2. Agriculture Cropping Pattern

Bihar is gifted with rich biodiversity, which can be a beneficial point for agritech startup. The substantial agrarian harvests are paddy, wheat, jute, maize, and oilseeds. Cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, radish, carrot, beet, and so on are a portion of the state’s vegetable. Sugarcane, potato, and barley are the type of non-cereal crops grown. The whole agrarian structure is separated into two harvest seasons, for example, Kharif and rabi. The Kharif season began from the third week of May and ended in October, followed by the rabi season.

Agriculture Cropping Pattern | Karo Startup

The soil in the Uttar Pradesh area falling under Agro-climatic zone IV are alluvium-derived soils, generally khaddar (ongoing alluvium) and hangar (old alluvium). In some regions, the soil is profoundly calcareous. The soils are loamy and contain high organic content. Rice, maize, pigeon pea, moong bean crops are regular in Kharif season. In season wheat, lentil, Bengal gram, pea, and sesame. The locale’s significant cash crops are sugarcane, potato, tobacco, and coriander with supplemental irrigation. Rice–wheat cropping pattern is more overwhelming.

The major problem faced by farmers in Bihar and UP

By figuring out the following problem, you can think of the solution to increase their productivity. The answer to the particular question provides the basic structure of your Agritech startup. You can choose from the following issue which you want to work on.

1. Irrigation

Although India is the second-largest irrigated nation of the world after China, only 33% of the cropped region is under irrigation. Irrigation is the most significant rural contribution to a tropical monsoon nation like India, where rainfall is questionable and inconsistent. India can’t accomplish continued advancement in agribusiness except if the more significant part of the cropped region is brought under guaranteed irrigation.

2. Lack of mechanization

Despite the large-scale mechanization of agriculture in some regions of the nation, the vast majority of the agricultural tasks in larger parts are still carried on by human hand utilizing basic and traditional tools and executes like a wooden plough, sickle, and so forth.

3. Agricultural Marketing

The Agri market is still in awful shape in rural India. Without proper marketing services, the farmers need to rely on neighborhood merchants and brokers to sell their farm produce, which is sold at a low cost.

4. Scarcity of capital

Farming is a significant industry, and like all industries, it also demands capital. The function of capital input is turning out to be increasingly more significant with the innovation of farming techniques. Since the agriculturists’ money is secured up his properties and stocks, he is obliged to borrow cash for invigorating the rhythm of farming production.

We have gone through the geographical condition, cropping pattern, and the central problem faced by the farmers of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. These things help you in starting an agritech startup in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Here is the list of some agritech startup which is based on Bihar and UP which you can bookmark


Established in 2012 by IIT, IIM, and NIT graduate, DeHaat is an innovation-based stage offering full-stack agrarian service to farmers, including distribution of top-notch Agri-inputs, customized advice, deal with financial issues, and market linkages for selling their crop.

DeHaat decreases the burden on farmers by joining brands, institutional financiers, and buyers on one phase, said Shashank Kumar, CEO of the startup meeting with TechCrunch.

Dehaat Agritech Startup | Karo Startup

This stage helps farmers make sure about an enormous number of Agri-input things, including seeds and manures, and get unique guidance about which crop they should plant in a season. “We have made an immense information base of harvest tests to offer direction to farmers,” he said.

Today, this agritech startup works in 20 locations in India’s eastern region — for instance, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand — and serves more than 210,000 farmers, said, Kumar.


Unnati Agritech Startup | Karo Startup

Noida-based agritech startup Unnati has received $1.7 Mn in Pre-Series A funding round from Nab ventures Fund to scale up its platform and acquaint digital technologies to India’s farmers.

Unnati was established in 2015 by Amit Sinha, previous CFO of Paytm and IIM Calcutta graduate, and Ashok Prasad, who has recently worked in Tata Teleservices and Paytm. Unnati is a tech-empowered platform that gives admittance to competitively evaluated input and empowers them to get to a better business market reasonably and transparently. It likewise offers financial help to the rancher other than point-of-purpose advice.

Co-founder Prasad stated, “At Unnati, our general objective is to enable the nation’s farmers and bring the best of techniques to upgrade their productivity. Since we oblige a huge number of cultivating needs, the current capital infusion will permit us to extend our incentive regarding innovative digital instruments that we offer.”

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