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How Ashutosh Kumar Helping Student to Ace Government Exam Through Testbook

ashutosh kumar
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Digitization of education in India is going to be critical to the future educational system. It is surprising to see how technology has become smarter and is changing the country’s overall educational framework. Whether it is for the K-12 sector, IIT-JEE, NEET, or government exams, digitization has touched every aspect of education. When it comes to India, finding a secure and stable government job is the dream of millions of peoples, which means there is a huge rush every year to reach the promised land. Seeing India’s craze for Sarkari Naukri (government job) idea of starting Testbook comes to the mind of Ashutosh Kumar.

Every year, around 70 million aspirants take public sector examinations for a low number of jobs available in India. The central government employees are estimated to constitute only about 14 percent of employment in the country. For one government post, lakhs try their luck. To help these aspirants prepare for such cut-throat competitive examinations, Ashutosh Kumar started Testbook.

Early Life Of Testbook Co-Founder Ashutosh Kumar

He comes from a business-oriented family. Ashutosh’s dad runs a real estate and construction business in a small town. But his grandfather was a professor, and he pushed for Ashutosh and his brothers to study and take up promising professions. They even sent them out to study not to get influenced by negative elements of the small town.

Ashutosh Kumar, who hails from a small town Madhubani in Bihar, could get a seat in IIT-Bombay. However, knowing the month-long and rigorous preparation he underwent, he wanted to guide IIT aspirants. During his graduation years, he taught multiple IIT aspirants how to crack the entrance exam.

In their final 2-3 years at IIT, they experimented with several ideas and finally went live with a startup named “” in the fifth year. They ran the education startup for a year, and along the way, they experienced the highs and lows. They soon explored the problems facing by the education space, the closer they realized that ExcelMentors was not the platform to solve the more significant issues the system faced.

Journey Of Ashutosh Kumar From ExcelMentors To Testbook


As they understand that data plays a huge role in learning and being from IITians, they used technology to drive this market demand. In June 2013, they founded, the EdTech startup that envisioned to be the savior of the Indian education system. As they wanted to start an EdTechcompany and not merely another Education Startup, Ashutosh Kumar began looking for tech guys with firm profiles.

They needed core members who had the same passion as them– to hack the Gordian Knot, the learning space. They connected with Yadvendra,, and in Computer Science from IIT Delhi, a good friend of Testbook founder Ashutosh Kumar from their IIT JEE preparation days in Kota. He left his cushy job at Oracle to join their dream, and with him came Abhishek, his batchmate and hostel mate. Abhishek was working with Adobe at the time.

To round out the Content and Design needs, Ashutosh Kumar boarded Praveen and Manoj, both from IIT Bombay. They both had a prior entrepreneurial and corporate experience. By the end of 2013, they formed a strong team of 6 co-founders and were ready to launch the first product. The first project was the analytics-heavy testing platform for the GATE exam in Jan 2014.

Products And Solutions Offered By Testbook

Testbook is a one-stop solution for the government job aspirants, which gives a 360° learning experience by providing live online coaching with the planned curriculum through top-notch faculty; its target audience is 16 – 26 years. Ashutosh Kumar and the team makes Testbook loaded with very dynamic products and solutions compared to other market players.

They have three primary solutions for the education sector as detailed below:

Testbook Pass: Ashutosh Kumar, along with other co-founders, started this special membership pass that unlocks all the tests and courses under all the exams available on Testbook. With Testbook Pass, one can take unlimited tests and enroll in all courses. He/she can focus on exam preparation without worrying about which test series to purchase. Testbook had made its online courses completely free at the beginning of the lockdown, which received an overwhelming response and a very high engagement rate. Students bought more than 6.7 lakh courses for free in just 11 days.

Testbook Select: This helps one get complete coaching at home with Interactive live classes, a personal coach, and doubt clearing sessions, which enable 360° learning. The idea of Ashutosh Kumar behind Testbook Select is to provide three different sections of live classes, which help learn important concepts with tips and tricks by top faculties, personal coach where a personal mentor increases your chances of selection doubt clearing which gets your doubts resolved the highest priority.

Teacher Training Programme: The Teacher Training Program is a 3-month, utterly free training for modern teaching methodologies and question creation techniques. This is started by Testbook founders Ashutosh Kumar and team to help anyone gain knowledge and open up new job opportunities as a successful teacher or Subject Matter Expert. This is available only to registered Testbook users.

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