How 26 Year Old Became a Billionaire Entrepreneur

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Oyo room was founded in 2013 by Mr.Ritesh Agarwal when he was mere 18 years old. It started with one hotel and now it has reached 23000+ Hotels, 1000000+ Rooms, and 125000+ Holiday Homes. Oyo has spread across the world now.

Mr.Ritesh Agarwal is the role model for every youngster who dreams of being an Entrepreneur.

Five Things will Show How Ritesh Broke the Myths and Became Successful.

Age is Just A Number

According to a survey, it has been indicated that 30 is the age to hit your success. Well! Success depends upon your productivity, not your age. Mr.Ritesh Agarwal is the top-notch example that has evolved this age bar synopsis. At the age of 25 years, he was holding the net worth of 7500 crore. Moreover, Oyo was established by Mr.Ritesh Agrawal in 2013 when he was just 19 years old.

Family Background does not Define You

Mr.Ritesh was born in a family that managed to run a small local shop. Simply If Ritesh had not opted for another path, he would have been busy supervising the shop alternatively possessing one of the huge hotel chains worldwide. Hence, proved that let it be a simple family background or a complex family background, it doesn’t define a person’s potential or abilities!

Big Problems Tend to Leave a Huge Impact

With great success comes even greater problems, so did Mr.Ritesh faced! He thought the bigger the problems are being faced, the higher to success level rises, and by the time one gets the hang of this, everything lies in their places. As a result, you take control with confidence and efficiencies to pass on that faith to investors, employees, and customers.

Have Patience, Hard Work, and Faith to Reach your Target

Patience puts us in direct control of ourselves as it gives us time to choose how to respond to a situation. Hard work also plays a fundamental role in accomplishing a goal as well as faith that build up the desire to maintain a positive attitude for success.

Hurdles – A Gift From Success

Our success is a journey throughout. It requires consistency and dedication and not mere words. Many people do not appreciate the hurdles but successful people have overcome obstacles before reaching the desired goals. Likewise, Mr.Ritesh Agarwal also came across several hurdles and swore that starting a business is not a ride! His initial days’ are not full of ease at all.

It is still Day 0 at OYO as they believe that their journey towards revolutionizing the hospitality industry has just begun!

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