Healthtym Dreams Fitness All Day, Hours Long With a Mission to Create A Healthy World

In the COVID- 19 pandemic and the years following the pandemic, the online fitness industry will flourish enormously. The global online/virtual fitness industry was estimated at 6.046 million dollars in 2019 and will hit 59,231 million dollars by 2027. 

The online workout is the next epoch fitness revolution. It is the convenience-based fitness service to access a trainer or instructor online or virtually instead of stopping by the fitness facility. Usually, the fitness training videos are provided on online platforms or fitness apps managed by the fitness instructor. 

Healthtym app solves all the issues concerning the people as we provide access to all kinds of fitness, health and wellness services for both virtual and physical platforms.

About Healthtym

Healthtym, the one-stop solution for health-related services was developed in 2020. The app resulted from months of analysis and interaction with hundreds of certified professionals and specialists. Healthtym, a virtual fitness application was released in April last year. 

Vishal, an IIT dropout, is the Founder and CTO of Healthtym. He is a fitness freak and has a beautiful vision for the future of health, fitness and wellness in our country. 

According to him, the year 2020 brought suffering, sorrow, and COVID-19. The pandemic also made people realise the importance of health and fitness. Social distancing and lockdowns have helped in switching the health and fitness industry to the online world. 

Vishal highlighted that for the middle class and daily job workers, it is tough to access fitness and health services through an online platform.

online fitness application

Geeta Chetri, Co-founder and CEO of Healthtym, restates, “Most of the Indian population is not rich, and we believe that every person has the right to live a fit and healthy life. It must, therefore, be necessary for us to create something universal and super-accessible.”

Vision: Make Fitness as a Necessity, Not an Option

Healthtym provides its customers with healthiest tips on how to improve immunity to fight Covid. They offer various health-related services which are said to be suitable for an individual’s fitness. Customers can easily purchase all health services at a reasonable price like gym, yoga, swimming etc.

They strive to match enthusiastic people with the right place of workout. Healthtym has the pinpoint plan of saving its customers’ money and making health and fitness an integral part of their daily routine. 

Healthtym membership customers are certified to use any partner facility without any additional charge. They wish to make India healthy by providing fitness to everyone at their doorstep.

Mohd Swaleh Shamim, Head of Digital Marketing and Co-founder of the Healthtym app, explains the dilemma with India’s fitness sector. The expensive memberships and hidden charges leave the consumers feeling cheated. 

With accomplishments and efforts, he strives to connect with millions of users and partners across India and make it susceptible for anyone to offer health, fitness or wellness service through the app.

Unique Features of Healthtym

Healthtym app possesses no hidden charges and no expensive compulsory premium memberships. Any individual is free to select from various services and training programs at different prices as per their budget.

The USP of Healthtym is their Pay-Per-Use service. This service lets users access unlimited health, fitness and diet-rated services. The user only needs to pay what they use and that too super affordable and cost-effective.

Into the Future 

The founders claim that their future is healthy, fit and digital and Healthtym app shows them the way. Maintaining health and fitness in the smartphone era has become a bit easier, more convenient, and affordable with remarkable features of the Healthtym app.

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