Healthilieious, India’s First Nutrition Company Started By An International Sportsman And A Medico.


Shivaji Senapati, a medical student and Aditya Maan, an international boxer, founded Healthilieious. The duo came up with this company’s idea after discovering that the athletes are not guided appropriately about their nutrition intake and wanted people to lead healthy lives.

Shivaji Senapati

Healthilieious wishes to become a lifestyle choice, not an alternative to medicine or formula for weight loss. The company promises to help their customers be happy and healthy no matter who they are or how they look and pledges to guide them to make healthy choices consciously—improving lifestyle globally through diet practices and a personalised approach. 

Aditya Maan

Why is Healthilieious Unique?

According to the company, people confront restrictions and boundaries. There are always going to be outcomes for the wrong decisions and choices that a person makes. So every person needs to apply a list of rules that will work to their advantage.

Their team consists of nutritionists, mentors and counsellors who are equipped to go the extra mile to motivate the clientele to shed undesirable pounds and stay in shape. Each client is provided with customised diets and systematic follow-ups that are made for the best result. Diet plans are effortless, free from fasting/starving, and covers all the essential nutrients & minerals. Apart from this, they also provide online consultation and regular follow-ups with clients within and outside India.

How Do They Work?

The company states that they ensure client satisfaction and build a communicative relationship with their customer base to fulfil every need and desire. They are a holistic team functioning to build a healthy and wealthy community.

Healthilieious is a nutrition and wellness company offering world-class sports and lifestyle management diet plans. It aims at providing state-of-art solutions to concerns and formulates the best quality nutrition plans according to the client’s need and requirements. It is perpetrated to provide only the most effective and efficient personalised meal plans.  

To get dietary supplement recommendations, clients fill out a questionnaire that provides insight into their dietary habits, living environment and fitness level. Providing quality, client-centred nutrition care is the main priority of their nutritionists. To ensure continuous improvement of ongoing plans, a regular follow-up system is also maintained, and the plans are adjusted accordingly.

Healthilieious impart clear focus on formulating diet plans for sportspersons. Just as proper physical techniques are a part of every athlete’s safety routine, maintaining adequate nutrition and hydration is also essential. 

The diet plans are prepared using equations for calculating energy needs considering an individual’s gender, weight, and height as well as the level of physical activity. Given these differences and the importance of consuming adequate calories, it is essential to reach out to us for optimal energy prescription. 

Into the Future

The intention is to make India healthy and well being. The company has a goal towards the Olympics. The goal is to guide the sportsman to level up their game. The company understands the importance of the Olympics and dreams to win gold medals with them. In the next five years, the company aims to serve a million people globally.

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