Healthcare Startup MyUpchar aims to Solve the Awareness and access Problem in Tier-2 and 3 Cities


In our country, home treatments are part and parcel of life. They are often chosen over unexpected doctor consultations, and almost every household has someone to offer healthcare advice. However, the genuineness of information suggested is often ambiguous. Realising the value of incorporating authentic healthcare knowledge with regional languages, Rajat Garg and Manuj Garg, in 2016, inaugurated MyUpchar to provide wellness and healthcare information. They wanted to solve the scarcity of access to quality healthcare in Tier-II and III areas of India.

This health tech startup is recognized for creating evidence-based healthcare content in multiple Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali. myUpchar delivers informative videos, articles, and medical illustrations on their website, app, social media, and news portals in multiple languages, and also teleconsultations.

A Unique Feature of myUpchar

myUpchar’s potential to create high-quality content as well as influence products and technology to serve the consumer is its core strength. Their suite of products that includes scalable technology to serve 12 million users every month, apps for a user, doctor, chemist and phlebotomist help them do the overall ecosystem. They have capitalised heavily in voice search, machine learning algorithms to understand user queries and provide input to doctors, automatically detecting diseases based on blood image or chest x-ray etc. Also, the development of newer interfaces, including the large-scale remote provision of health services is underway by myUpchar.

myUpchar team

The MyUpchar website gives the user a range of information — from home remedies to medical consultations. It provides information on Ayurveda, homeopathy, and allopathy to address various health and wellness-related issues, including obesity, pregnancy, women’s health, post-surgery care, yoga, and fitness.

How does it work?

MyUpchar’s foundation goal is to unravel the awareness and access problem related to healthcare in India, especially for tier-2 and three cities and the rural population. The startup has also joined hands with several doctors who deliver content. The team translates the content into Hindi and is later verified by doctors to confirm that the meaning and context are not lost in translation.

Rajat says, “Quality healthcare content is virtually absent in vernacular languages. We launched MyUpchar in December 2016, and just nine months, our traffic has grown to 2.5 million visits/month (run rate), showing the strong need for such content.

MyUpchar contends to have 350 million online consumers, of which 200 million consume content in Hindi. The founder also expects the numbers to grow 2.5 times in the next five years.

Future Plans

MyUpchar generates its revenues from advertisements. Bootstrapped for eight months, MyUpchar recently received funding worth Rs 2 crore from Mohit Satyanand, Alok Mittal, Rajan Anandan and a bunch of other investors via the LetsVenture platform. The 10-member team’s immediate plan is to produce reliable and authentic health and wellness content in six different languages besides Hindi. They are also doing several tests to understand and solve consumers’ needs better.

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