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An Entrepreneur and a content creator, MN Hemant from Bokaro, Ranchi of Jharkhand who is on a mission of introducing people towards prosperity.

Started his wonderful journey as a YouTuber with almost no assets, no funds. His picture got viral in which he was using a fan and other household equipment in the place of a tripod stand, now he is engaged in multiple platforms sharing his knowledge and experience to boost brands and entrepreneurs.

You can contact him for holistic marketing and other services:

  • Website Development
  • Video Marketing
  • Blogging & Ad-Sense
  • Public Speaking
  • Problem Solving
  • Digital Marketing
  • You Tube Growth
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Mindset Building
  • Motivaton

What keeps him motivated?

He is not totally dependent on youtube for his earning as he does not gets enough views or income from there he is working with other websites from which he earns a handsome amount to purchase his basic needs or wants. He still posts regular content on youtube. The reason behind that is he wants to launch a brand on his name one day and if he has to make people believe in his work he needs some platform to give it as proof.

What demotivated him?

When after lots of struggle and hard work he reached a platform of 100k subscribers he was really happy to achieve this platform, he was amazed that he finally achieved it, he wrote emails to approximately 200 other content creators out of which only 4-5 of them actually responded he was very disheartened to see it.

His suggestions to other content creators?

Never lack on posting your content. If you have content on your mind start showcasing it to the world. Money does matter for the startup that’s a very important key ingredient. But if you are able to complete a specific task in a limited fund and assets then why not.

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