Greenland Agro: A Food tech Startup Delivering A Range Of Quality Products Aiming to Become The Leading Healthy Snacking Brands In India.

Greenland Agro

Harsh Agarwal, in the year 2020, founded Greenland Agro, a food-tech startup and strived to become one of the leading healthy snacking brands in India. The startup offers to deliver a range of quality products, including high protein snacks, tea bags and cookies, to name a few amongst many other delectable options.

The founder of the company contemplated that being merely innovative is not enough for any startup to prosper. To thrive in the food industry, one must follow consumer trends alongside being creative. He highlighted that one such direction is the growth of healthy snacking in India. There is a rise in the Indian vegan market since 2017, and it is expected to rise more by 2025. With “Veganism” now attaining five times more interest than vegetarianism and the availability of gluten-free food options, it was the right opportunity to create a brand that helps instantiate one’s hunger for an extended period with high-fibre and wholesome snacks.

Amazon & Udaan are major online sales channel partners in B2B & B2C categories. Offline sales channel partners include Distribution house & CnF agents across the country’s length and breadth, covering General Trade, HORECA & Institutional market verticals.

Meet the Aspiring Founder

Being a big-time foodie and a health-conscious human being, Harsh Agarwal is a hardcore marketing enthusiast and a Superfood Explorer. Harsh has completed his graduation from Bhawanipur College. He is a Certified Management Accountant from the United States and is also a Tea Taster.

Harsh commenced his journey to oil the wheels of his family business that handles tea estates primarily in Siliguri, in the Himalayas’ foothills, encircled by endless lush green tea gardens. He yearns to become a Health Snacking partner of every household.

Founder of Greenland Agro - Harsh Agarwal
Harsh Agarwal, who devised the journey of his healthy snacks startup called the Greenland Agro Foods, is a living example of the famous adage – “where there is a will, there’s away.”

Being a food lover forever, Harsh was determined to bring about a change and pair the unparalleled combination of health and snacks together.

The Ragged Journey of the Startup

From sowing the seeds until the packing of tea – Harsh managed to look after everything from production to marketing single-handedly. However, after being at the heart of his family’s tea estate legacy over the years, he realised that possibly this might not be his supreme calling in life.

In Jan 2019, adding his entrepreneurial twist to the business, Harsh undertook a journey that looked beyond all the conventional trading channels to boost revenues, amassing entry into the ever-flourishing Horeca segment.

He started selling packaged tea and did it smoothly for 15 months until the pandemic took over the world.

Harsh’s brand new venture had no other alternative than to wrap up and bow out. Tough times often help us put things into perspective, and so was the case with the founder of Greenland Agro Foods.

It came to Harsh that while the FMCG market performed well in everyday situations, it yielded even better results in the most abnormal and unprecedented conditions.

Harsh wanted his products to reach every local grocery store so that everyone could have access to healthy food without compromising on the taste while also being super affordable. Acquiring his brother’s support with an initial investment of 2 lakh rupees, Harsh brought his idea into existence and set the ball rolling.

Founded in 2020, in little less than seven months, Greenland Agro not only received a whopping response from the customers but also established its name as a ‘National Healthy Snacking Brand’ recognised by Start-Up Pedia and Forbes Magazine.

Range Of Products To Choose From

From everyday snacking to impromptu get-togethers, Greenland Agro’s chips are the perfect addition to any occasion. It is made from mixed herbs and spices, is high in fibre and gluten-free. These power-packed chips are sure to spice up your life and your taste buds! Anyone can pick from various delicious snacking options ranging from Makhanas, Cashews, Tea Bags, Ragi Chips, Quinoa Chips, Almond and Oat Cookies, and so much more

Why is Greenland Agro Different?

Greenland Agro’s flavoursome protein snacks are a one-stop solution anyone needs to reach out to satisfy those sudden hunger cravings, packed with the goodness of super grains and pulses.

The products offered are also Gluten-Free, Low GI and super high in fibre, which plays a crucial role in improving digestion, helps manage blood sugar levels and are easy on the stomach.

These work great as a mid-afternoon power snack or a grab-and-go staple in an office bag for days when someone is too lazy to prepare their meals.

The mission is to support and fuel their consumers’ lifestyle choices while also being mindful of the planet. They are transparent with the use of their natural ingredients – straight from manufacturing to consumers’ snacking jars.

Greenland Agro caters to small business owners like traders and distribution partners by extending credit facilities, no minimum order size and ensuring timely delivery of products at their doorstep even at the country’s remotest possible location.

They offer extra mile delivery directly to the household consumers through tie-ups with hyperlocal delivery partners to a better experience with goodness and love.

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