Gokukom – Leading Web Design Company That Offers Digital Branding, Web Development, And Digital Marketing Services

Gokukom is a one-of-a-kind marketing, marketing strategies, and web marketing company. Gokukom Marketing is a creative agency that integrates insightful and statistics decision-makers to improve services to achieve identities regardless of brands.

Gokukom acts as a catalyst in creating a brand out of a company. Just existing as a good company is not enough in today’s hyper-competitive business world. One has to be unconventional while also being approachable to its target audience.

The Background Story

Mr. Addu Bala Shogun got a job at an early age. He started to work as a SIM card sales agent while he was just 16 years old. His supervisor was impressed by his sales abilities. He was willing to sell Rs.3,500/- worth of SIM cards in a single day, although the objective was only Rs.1000/-.

He later performed as a calling agent for a multitude of IT organizations, in which he befriended Saurabh S. Purohit, who had a lot of experience in tech advancement. In 2017, they developed the idea for a startup similar to the Apna app.

Mr Addu Bala Shogun, Founder & CEO Of Gokukom.com

Sourabh S. Purohit, Founder & CEO Of Gokukom.com

The Establishment

The global economy has experienced dramatic growth in startup businesses and organizations with innovative ideas during the last few years. Only a few of them, though, have been successful.

So the idea for this advertising agency came with co-founders Bala S. and Sourabh S. Purohit, who had been in an identical circumstance years ago. The Gokukom team can fully serve all demands and inquiries as a startup.

Suffered From Economic Hardship

Gokukom, just like every other beginning company, experienced numerous challenges. To begin with, there was no financial assistance from investors, and there were multiple more roadblocks.

That was when they realized there had to be thousands of individuals like them fighting to get their ideas out there and establish their brand, which gave rise to the concept of Gokukom.

Gokukom’s strategy is unique. In every aspect of ideas, they display artistic flair and intelligence, ensuring immaculate innovation. They sought to help innovative business concepts in whatever way they could through mentoring and advice.

Opinion On A Business Model

Gokukom is indeed not any conventional branding firm. It is also the remedy to all of a fledgling corporate startup’s problems, demands, and concerns. Gokukom is a turning point for building a corporation into a brand.

In today‚Äôs modern hyper-competitive marketplace, even existing as a prestigious organization isn’t enough. It is essential to be innovative while keeping relatable to the target market.

Gokukom Offers A Multitude Of Solutions

  • Branding
  • Marketing on the internet.
  • Website creation and design.
  • Kickstarting a startup using app development and influencer marketing.
  • Dedicated Graphic Design Team.
  • Regular updates on the project’s status.
  • Completing legal requirements, such as GST filing and trademark logo creation.

The Future Plans

Besides these services, Gokukom also supports Pvt. Ltd., small business owners, with the start-up of their businesses by providing a share of the service fee and a proportion of the firm’s stakes, depending on the budget.

Gokukom’s creative strategy to marketing emphasizes authentic branding rather than physical or tangible design. To use it, create counter-intuitive but relatable communication. The organization even believes in becoming partners with our clients and refining/advancing their ideologies.

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