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A business grows when there is a need for its products in the market. When there is a gap between demand and supply, the company that fills that gap raises. One such example is Glassto India Private Limited. There was a time when quality glass was not available in Kolkata and other parts of the country.

There were plenty of people producing ordinary glasses and mirrors, but nobody was manufacturing decorative or safety glasses in Kolkata or even in eastern India. It appeared to be a commercial opportunity to the founder, and He started a small designer glass and mirror shop in a 100 square foot shop near his house in Ripon Street in February 2016, which led to the birth of Glassto India Private Limited.

Let’s dig into the inspiring story behind the company, Glassto India Private Limited.

200 Sq. Ft. House to 5 Crore company: The Visionary Journey of  the Founder

Md. Shadan Siddique, 33, who was born into a struggling middle-class family, founded a successful business in the glass sector and now owns a business with Rs 5 crore in annual revenue. He grew up in a 200 sq ft house at Ripon Street in Kolkata, along with seven siblings.

His father ran a small grocery shop in the city, but the income was barely enough to feed the family which included his four brothers and three sisters. They lived in a 200 sq ft room with an attached toilet and a kitchen.

He lost his father when he was in class 12th, and then four years later he lost his elder brother, who was doing a private job in Japan and was supporting the family. Both died due to cardiac attack. 

He prepared for the engineering entrance exam for two years then, in 2006, he finally enrolled for production engineering in Techno India University, a reputed college in the city. In 2010, he got a campus placement at a multinational oil production company at Guwahati in Assam. Where he was appointed as a production manager.

He wanted to do something of his own so in 2013 he resigned from his well paying job and returned to Kolkata where his youngest brother Md Danish Siddique had shut the family’s grocery shop and opened a glass and mirror shop. 

He decided to do an MBA in marketing and joined Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration in Kolkata. During that time he used to observe his brother Danish working at his shop  gradually he started to become interested in the glass business.

He found that there were too many people making ordinary glasses and mirrors, but nobody in Kolkata or even eastern India was involved in making quality decorative and safety glasses. It seemed to be a business opportunity for him. He continued his research on decorative glasses during his MBA course.

After the completion of his MBA in 2015, He started a small designer glass and mirror shop of 100 sqft near his house in Kolkata in partnership with three partners with an investment of 3 Lakhs. The cost of his products was high compared to other manufacturers because of their high quality. The sales were very low for the initial 6-8 months. But he didn’t give up. He started listing his company products on various online portals like Amazon and others. Soon, the orders started pouring in. He began to get orders from Kolkata and other parts of the country. Since then, It has grown.

Now they have some big clients in India, such as Kolkata Metro, Patanjali, Sify, Tata Steel, and Bajaj.

About the Company

This Kolkata-based business, Glassto India Private Limited, produces a wide range of glasses, including stylish and protective variants. They sell their products in three showrooms in Kolkata.

Initially, the manufacturing was outsourced when they started, but the very next year we set up their own unit on the outskirts of Kolkata.

Since its establishment in 2016, Glassto India has gained recognition as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of decorative glass and mirrors, toughened glass, designer glass, and mirrors, serving both the domestic and global markets. On May 9, 2018, the company was made into private limited company.

The company offers more than 300 different varieties of mirrors and glasses. They additionally deal with concave mirrors, Venetian, lacquered, antique, and LED glassware. Costs for their products range from Rs 3,000 to Rs 2 lakh.

For more than six years, Glassto India has been pleased to provide some of India’s most prosperous businesses with the luxurious offices and dream homes they desire.

Revolutionizing Solutions: How the Company is Reshaping the Future

By fulfilling the unmet demand for high-quality decorative and safety glass in Kolkata and eastern India, Glassto India Private Limited is redefining the future. Md. Shadan Siddique founded the company, and his inspirational path from a humble beginnings to creating a company with a 5 crore annual revenue inspires aspiring business owners.

 Due to the company’s dedication to domestic production, wide range of product offers, and creative sales tactics, they have won prestigious clients like Patanjali and Kolkata Metro. By stressing advancement and authenticity, Glassto India is reinventing the glass business with high-performance solutions for corporate spaces, architecture, and interior design.

Business Aspiration

Glassto India’s objectives extend beyond merely producing glass and mirrors. They want to infuse authenticity and creativity into a variety of fields, such as architecture, corporate environments, interior design, and infrastructural applications. They work to give their clients cutting-edge and revolutionary possibilities by producing and marketing high-performance glass and mirror solutions.

Thus, the business goal of Glassto India is to provide everyone with a happy existence and lay the groundwork for a better future for all people. They are committed to improving daily life and closing gaps in the commercial and consumer sectors. The motto that Glassto India lives by is “Perfection is a myth; progress is the key,” underscoring its dedication to innovation and ongoing progress.

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Wrapping Up

Glassto India and its founder journey are an inspiration to the young entrepreneurs of India. From living in a  200 Square feet house to building a 5 crore turnover business. Glassto India specializes in Safety Glass (Toughened Glass), Decorative Glass, Mirrors (Modern & Venetian) and Lacquered glass. From no sales in the initial 6 months to now, they have some big clients of India, such as Kolkata Metro, Patanjali, Sify, Tata Steel, and Bajaj, only because of the quality glass and mirrors that Glassto India manufactures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Glassto India specialize in?

Glassto India specializes in the production of Safety Glass (Toughened Glass), Decorative Glass, Mirrors (Modern & Venetian), and Lacquered glass.

Where is Glassto India located?

Glassto India is based in Kolkata, India. They have showrooms in Kolkata where they sell their products.

Who is the founder of Glassto India Private Limited?

The founder of Glassto India Private Limited is Md. Shadan Siddique, who started the business in 2016.

What are some of the notable clients of Glassto India?

Glassto India has prestigious clients such as Kolkata Metro, Patanjali, Sify, Tata Steel, and Bajaj, among others.

What is the business goal and philosophy of Glassto India?

Glassto India aims to infuse authenticity and creativity into various fields like architecture, corporate environments, interior design, and infrastructural applications. Their philosophy is centered around continuous progress and innovation.


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