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INSES is an online market that provides repairs, maintenance, installation and handyman services for all household needs. INSES acts as a bridge between customers and technicians connected through social networks. It accepts orders through its website, mobile app or phone call. INSES was established in 2021, and it covers all kinds of handyman services around Madurai.

Meet The Founder

INSES is the ideology of Mr Abilash. A.B. He studied a Bachelor of Engineering in ECE. While studying, he designed an RFID ignition system, a vehicle immobiliser system, which features low hacking probability while preserving the vehicle’s safety. Out of passion, he developed Drone using ArduPilot.

Abilash started as an embedded engineer in the IoT platform and dropped out after six months to grow this career as a first-generation entrepreneur. He founded INSES in Feb 2021, an online aggregator business that provides handyman services. Parallelly, he focuses on home automation, where people can control entire home appliances at their fingertips.

Services Offered

Below is the list of services offered by INSES:

  • All range of domestic appliances repairs & services.
  • Electrical & Plumbing services and general services around the home
  • Maintenance of AC, RO, UPS, etc.,
  • All kinds of installation: AC, LED TV, RO, Switchboard and so on.
Watch this video to know more about the services offered by INSES.

The X-factor

Handyman services include domestic appliances repairs, electrical & plumbing services and general repairs around the home. These services are impulsive and part of day-to-day activities. Skilled technicians are required to fix these repairs. Finding a professional & reliable technician at our convenient time is a nightmare these days.

Here comes the online platform that provides an easy way to book for these services, which helps customers to take control of their home needs. INSES hand-picked technicians who are experts in these services and are reliable & trustworthy. Their versatile technicians are ready to serve support 24×7; on time, every time.

The company provides a complete maintenance subscription that covers almost every domestic appliance, electrical & plumbing service. Based on customer needs, quarterly, half-yearly or annual packages can be picked up. One can book services through their mobile app by registering with a phone number; however, online web portals allow booking without the registration process.

Challenges Encountered

Getting the online portal right is a big part of reaching people. With the increase in the adoption of technology comes the increase in online and mobile booking services. INSES has spent 3 months getting the online platform & mobile app deployment. Technicians play a significant role in mainstreaming handyman services.

Finding skilled & professional technicians is very hard in the initial stage. Investment is another part of running start-ups; marketing online services & reliable technicians is hard to deal with without investment. Taking up my marketing & planning out a strategy to build the brand was tough without a proper marketing & research team.

The Background Story

Consumers don’t know when they need handyman service. What they need is to fix it right away, in a short period. What they know might be one or two technicians who Electronic Stores recommended or Friends & Relatives. Connecting to them & getting the service right on time is not guaranteed. On the other hand, the most significant pain point for a technician is reaching consumers when they’re in mid of another call or when they’re far away from the destination location.

Comparatively, travelling is more time-consuming than fixing the repairs; wages for technicians are not up to standards considering their heavy-duty work. For consumers, there is no standard pricing model which is an affordable and fair price. Here comes a platform, INSES, where we can connect technicians & consumers with the advantage of reliable services, affordable cost, productive working hours; it helps both of them to take control of their situations; makes life easier.

Also, the Covid-19 pandemic had hit us hard. We weren’t able to step out even for our basic needs and were held up inside houses. What will be our mindset if any of the households is repaired? Where will we seek a technician? Here comes the idea behind INSES, where we can book these services at the convenience of their fingertips.

Into the Future

Currently, the company is bootstrapped with the support of well-wishers and relatives. They’re looking for some promising investors who can support them through seed-funding at this early stage.

INSES believes that investors can assist them as business advisers and help them grow better. The company plans to take their service to the next level by increasing its coverage to nearby cities and all over Tamil Nadu.

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