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Young Influx is a community-driven learning platform that provides the insightful experience of young people to school and college students to explore and cultivate themselves holistically.

It is an initiative by Prakhar Agrawal, a final year undergraduate student at Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi.

The Sudden Encounter with the Real World.

Every student has a turning point in life and it usually occurs when they arrive in college as freshers thus encountering the real world for the very first time in college. Some people are privileged to be guided by elders but what of them who are unaware of the challenges that one has to go through when life really starts to happen.

Coming from a small town of Uttar Pradesh, exploring through college societies, internships, fellowship and social work throughout his college life he got to learn many things which would have been impossible if he had not involved himself in such activities.

Still, Prakhar thinks he could have done a lot more if only there were people to guide him and information readily available.

Prakhar Agrawal | Young Influx
Prakhar Agrawal
Prakhar Agrawal | Young Influx
Young Influx

@younginflux, a small attempt to change the scenario, features the stories of young people, and tries to light up the paths for the students lacking the guidance. We aim to be their guiding angels. The stories we host are more than inspirational, showcasing the route taken by others. Students reading them will automatically know what to do. That is what we do with our experiential stories.

The modern world is highly cluttered and complex with more things possible than we have the time for. YoungInflux declutters all possible roads ahead of a student so that they can make informed decisions rather than shooting arrows in the dark; not all of us are Arjuna, or are we?

Have a Complete and True Information

Young Influx seeds are a future where college grads wouldn’t have to wander around in a world that is exceedingly becoming saturated with information. We aim to provide them with real-world scenarios so that they know what to expect and choose accordingly. Often as an inexperienced youngster, we chose a path that turns out to be too cluttered for our liking, and then we’re stuck with no alternative in-sight. We aim to negate this conundrum by offering stories from those who have walked the same path before them. This will be of great help for a majority of youngsters who are either confused or don’t know how to approach a particular field of study or fellowship or other courses of action. We want to see students explore numerous career paths without being helter-skelter.

Illusion of Excelling Surely Helps.

Young Influx also makes them think of the illusion of excelling in studies by making them understand the importance of extracurricular in day to day life. We help students maximize all the opportunities offered by their colleges and institutions beyond colleges besides boosting their curriculum vitae. Moreover, in these uncertain times, that’s the least one can do. Preparing oneself is key here. We aid and simplify this process by introducing them to their more experienced peer’s journeys.

We help people with providing them insight to acquire new skills so that they can arm themselves for the uncertain future, especially in the current pandemic crisis where jobs have decreased, and skill-based specialist positions have opened up. These can only really be used by freshers if they have certain skills to show for. Everybody has the degree, and the differentiator is the skill.

People reading this, if you know anyone at such a crucial juncture of his/her life, please introduce them to our platform. It costs nothing and could be of great help to them. Help us help you. We are Young Influx; we publish anecdotes, stories, and learning.

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