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The Indian eCommerce market is very constricted. With the growing volume of new entrants, the possibilities for Indian online sellers are unhappy. This has resulted in sellers walking out of household boundaries and departing internationally even though it is not a picnic to trade internationally. 

International e-commerce enabler Eunimart redefines the spectrum of Indian online sellers in cross-border e-commerce, from halting the disputes of proper marketplace selection to co-ordinating order and inventory, from tracing customs and duties to handling logistics and payments.

What is Eunimart

Eunimart is the new fuzzword in B2B cross-border e-commerce. A recognised startup by Startup India is a Singapore based Tech startup with Indian operations in Hyderabad, New Delhi and Mumbai. 

Eunimart strives to boost Indian sellers/manufacturers to set a criterion in global online selling. The start-up professes to have four-pillar based business models; payments, logistics, the marketplace, and Information Technology.

It offers growth expansion strategies, marketplace listings, super SAAS platform to manage operations, an action plan for sales growth, and data & analytics to guarantee maximum sight.

What does Eunimart offer? 

Eunimart manages to secure its benchmark for its flawless services. The startup’s unparalleled and exceptional strategies for account creation, cataloguing, re-pricing, inventory management, competitive pricing, promotion, order management, logistics, payment support and performance report have boosted it to scale-up. 

The significant percentage of the company’s clients, i.e. over 95%, comprises a monopoly of the most prominent manufacturers having different product categories across the country with an approximate annual revenue of INR 20 million. The company possesses a vast Big Data and Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform that shares deep understandings from cross-border markets to enable better sales achievement by sellers.

The Backdrop

Back in 2016, duo founders Shayak Mazumder and Saikat Roy decided to pitch in the concept of cross-border multichannel selling. They conducted a nationwide survey amongst over 7,500 sellers to analyse the traction. They received a positive response from over 10% of these sellers who were willing to go international. 

They went further to form Eunimart in 2016, with a headcount of barely four team members. 

Journey’s Stumbling Blocks 

The sellers of India had curbed knowledge about selling internationally. Founders found it challenging to educate them to understand the significance of global exposure. Also, Indian sellers are not as advanced and progressive as European, American and Chinese sellers in the international markets.

It is a course of time and technology for Indian sellers to boost themselves to compete at this level. This is practical because of the inadequacy of proper analysis on the countries’ demographics to be sold in.

Growth Plans For Future

Mr Mazumder knows the lacunae in cross-border trade as he toured around the world on business trips. However, a rigorous belief in ‘everything is attainable’ has helped Eunimart strengthen and be a leader in the industry. At the moment, Eunimart endeavours with 3000+ brands and sellers who are selling using their platform. 

Revenues are on the increase, and the team is well placed for the next stage of growth. Eunimart has reached a dignity where international online marketplaces have come ahead for partnerships to source Indian sellers and open up the doors to the $1 trillion markets. No wonder the founders predict business growth in multiple countries in the years to come.

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