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Gamezop: A Mobile Gaming Company that has reached over 165 Mn Unique Users, at Zero Marketing Spends

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Gaming is an excellent way to socialise and loosen up. Unfortunately, gaming apps are enormous and installing too many of them on mobile phones slows down the device’s performance and may heat it as well. Gamezop is a platform that can help play as many games on a single platform—founded in 2015 by siblings Yashash and Gaurav Agarwal. Advergame Technologies Private Ltd operates it. The company licenses HTML5 games from top developers. It entrenches them in over 1,600 popular apps – including Myntra, Grofers, ShareChat, MX  Player, Glance (InMobi), and PhonePe – stimulating users of these apps to play games casually or competitively for cash.

Growth of mobile esports is truly democratising the access to competitive gaming and the ability to win real rewards. We decided to take it one notch further by going HTML5 and eliminating the need to force app sideloads – saves us a lot of money and our users a lot of friction,commented CEO and co-founder, Yashash Agarwal.

What are Gamezop’s unique features?

Gamezop’s geometric development to 15 Mn MAUs is an outcome of its substantial companion network of 800 apps. Each time a partner adds Gamezop, it sees a rise in user numbers, at no spending from its end. Other players in gaming need to push their apps to the users at a high cost, while Gamezop is able to piggyback upon the network of its partner apps.

The individualism of Gamezop’s model authorises it to be highly profitable in the functional space and also opens an additional monetisation stream for its partner apps. Gamezop closed its last financial year with 45 per cent EBITDA.

The Business

Gamezop has a B2B2C business model, which gave rise to an order for partner apps. When partnering with Gamezop, the time spent on the partner website improved by up to 40 per cent from the first day. Gamezop makes the deal more lucrative by sharing the earnings it makes from games with partner apps. Over 1,000 apps from across categories – social, travel, news, eCommerce, utility, and even astrology — have incorporated Gamezop. It is ad-driven, where game ads occur during the games, and the revenue is shared with the partners.

Currently, Gamezop has over 25 million monthly active users for which it hasn’t spent even a rupee. Its system covers 97 percent of the smartphones in India, which have at least two such Gamezop entry points. This removes the necessity for installing apps to play games on smartphones.

Asianet Newsable Gamezop raises Rs 32 crores, series led by BITKRAFT | Karo Startup

About Revenue?

Before playing any of the games on Gamezop, a user has to see an ad. Provided its estimate of monthly active users, this has the probable to reproduce a sizable amount. Gamezop recently introduced the real-money gaming format that allows for more targeted ads and more valuable impressions.

The revenue that Gamezop receives is divided into two categories– one of which goes to the partner hosting Gamezop’s suite. So, in a nutshell, Gamezop not only helps improve engagement for apps but also contributes to the top line of the host application.

Gamezop regulates entirely on the web and steers evident of these issues. In the last five years, the startup has invested Rs 20-25 lakh in its business.

Into the future

In a time where applications are available in plenty, app developers are looking to boost engagement. And with app creators looking to increase engagement, the inclusion of the concept of gamification can prove to be the defeating hand. Gamezop is profitable with a $3 million annual run rate. It expects this number to accumulate 3X in the next 12 months.

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