Fuel Humsafar Tech Start-up– Able To Serve You Anyplace And Everywhere!

Fuel Humsafar App – Able To Serve You Anyplace And Everywhere! | Karo Startup | Inspiring Startup Stories

Humsafar, a shopper brand of Samridhi Primary Road Solutions Pvt Ltd, offers threshold diesel fuelling services to industries that need diesel for static, oblique, and significant earthmoving instrumentation. Humsafar’s guarantees convenience, easy-to-use technology, and cost-efficient alternatives to traditional strategies of diesel procural. With the peace of mind of safety and 0 wastage, Humsafar is leading last-mile delivery in diesel, whereas enabling a safer atmosphere for all. It was incorporated on November 11, 2016. It was ideated and shaped, staring at the massive road congestions, rising mud levels, and since of consumers facing issues in obtaining bulk quantities of fuel for fastened tanks on their premises.

Global warming and pollution became the first mentioned problems within the metropolis Region (NCR). These compact everybody at a bigger scale with mud reaching frightening levels repeatedly started changing into front-page news.

 With the speedy evolution of web Technology, the govt. Bharat additionally started new generation concepts. Therefore, the thought of ‘Door Delivery of Diesel‘ began doing rounds. At Samridhi leading road Solutions, technology got seeped in with automation, geo-fencing, digital asking, vehicle trailing became the thrill words. And, one more transformation took roots in Samridhi works; “HUMSAFAR” became digital. Samridhi solutions are driven by technology & are enduing with rock-solid seventy-five years of expertise.

Indian Television Union minister for labour & employment launches Humsafar | Karo Startup
Source: Indian Television

Their team is saving by seasoned oil retailers with over seventy-five years of expertise within the business. They tend to believe doing their bit for the new generation & society.


 Vision & Mission

  • Become a severe national player in threshold delivery of fuel expeditiously driven by technology in conjunction with sound atmosphere sensitivity.
  • Be the primary selection for purchasers, given our priority for ethics, operational excellence, and innovation.
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders and promote win-win solutions for all stakeholders.
  • Be ready to clergyman path-breaking nevertheless price-effective solutions that facilitate resolve the difficulty of wastage of diesel that happens because of spillage throughout transportation and incorrect operations.
Humsafar Team | Karo Startup

They Serve Numerous Industries That Need Bulk Diesel Quantities:

  • Construction Sites
  • Producing & Mining Industries
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Industry
  • Earth Moving Equipments & Gensets

Threshold Diesel Delivery

The Delhi-based startup offered loyalty programs for fuel purchases and partnered with fuel dealers and retailers. In 2017, the Ministry of Oil & fossil fuel started considering the group action of diesel’s threshold delivery. Soon, it additionally roped within the oil Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) to draft pointers to change the method.  In Gregorian calendar month 2019, Samridhi ventured into tech-based fuel delivery with Humsafar. “Through technology, they tend to wish to cause disruptions that place convenience, safety, and cost-effectiveness at the guts of fuel delivery.

 Humsafar, in its current type, happened solely this year because the demand for threshold deliveries has hyperbolic since 2019. Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar launched the app in March 2020. It permits flat complexes, schools, hotels, hospitals, malls, construction sites, and bulk patrons of diesel in Delhi-NCR to position orders and finds it delivered inside eight hours. Minimum delivery is capping at one hundred liters per order—Humsafar’s automatic dispensing to delivery method. What Humsafar app solves threshold diesel delivery by Humsafar solves three pain points: inadequate watching (issues of spillage and deterioration), storage infrastructure (huge spends for managing extensive inventories), and environmental hazards (unsafe transportation inflicting high carbon emissions).

Humsafar Fueling | Karo Startup
Humsafar – Diesel Door Delivery in Delhi

 Humsafar app has crossed 5,000 downloads on Google Play Store in four months. Humsafar has processed 8,000 transactions, and its app has crossed 5,000 downloads on Google Play Store. The startup has additionally roped in thirty retail partners across 12 states.  Humsafar prides itself on serving to industries like agriculture and essential services run swimmingly throughout the coronavirus imprisonment.  India’s daily diesel consumption forecast for 2020 is 4.73 million barrels, as per business estimates. There are some 64,000 fuel stores, that method 3.5 large integer daily transactions.

 Doorstep delivery of diesel has boomed throughout COVID-19 due to individuals who don’t wish to venture out and expose themselves. Sectors like agriculture and e-commerce are booming, and that they see demand from them. Their clients are primarily within the construction and producing industry, which can still purchase diesel in bulk.” Humsafar’s biggest competitors are Bengaluru-based MyPetrolPump, Noida-based Pep fuels, and Pune-based Repos Energy. However, there’s enough chance for co-existence given India’s annual fuel consumption is pegging at over eighty-five billion liters. Diesel delivery start-ups are merely obtaining started.

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