From Seed to Success: Arambh Green Revolution in Agriculture

Green Revolution in Agriculture

About the Founder:

Kadira Umesh Reddy is the visionary founder of Arambh on June 8, 2021, a groundbreaking startup aiming to revolutionize the agricultural market and empower farmers. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by farmers and a passion for creating positive change, Kadira Umesh Reddy embarked on a mission to establish a fair and efficient platform that connects farmers directly with mills or rythu bazars, eliminating the need for brokers.

Kadira Umesh Reddy brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Their entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset have been instrumental in conceptualizing and developing Arambh’s unique approach.

Drawing inspiration from successful platforms like BookMyShow, Kadira Umesh Reddy recognized the potential for leveraging technology to streamline the selling process for farmers. Driven by a strong sense of social responsibility, Kadira Umesh Reddy identified the prevailing issue of brokers offering farmers significantly lower prices for their products, leading to financial losses and product spoilage.

By founding Arambh, Kadira Umesh Reddy has taken a proactive step towards addressing this problem, aiming to empower farmers by providing them with a direct channel to sell their products at fair prices.

Kadira Umesh Reddy’s leadership and vision have guided Arambh in creating a user-friendly platform that facilitates transparent transactions and fair pricing. With a focus on efficiency and convenience, their expertise in managing stock limits and implementing a token-based system has transformed the way farmers engage with the market.

By utilizing technology to bridge the gap between farmers and buyers, Kadira Umesh Reddy has created a platform that ensures farmers receive just compensation for their hard work and dedication. Through their unwavering commitment to the welfare of farmers and their visionary approach to revolutionizing the agricultural sector, Kadira Umesh Reddy is making a significant impact on the lives of farmers.

By establishing Arambh, they have opened new avenues for farmers to access markets, increase profitability, reduce spoilage, and contribute to a sustainable agricultural ecosystem. Kadira Umesh Reddy’s passion, entrepreneurial acumen, and dedication to empowering farmers have positioned Arambh as a pioneering force in the agricultural domain.

Their leadership continues to drive Arambh towards its mission of creating a fair and efficient market for farmers and merchants, ultimately transforming the lives of farmers and fostering a more sustainable and prosperous farming community.

Funding: 3 million Indian Rupees (INR).

Market Category: B2C, Bio Business


About Venture:

Arambh, founded by Kadira Umesh Reddy, is a pioneering startup that has set out to revolutionize the agricultural market by empowering farmers to sell their products directly to mills or rythu bazars, cutting out the need for brokers. Drawing inspiration from platforms like BookMyShow, we have developed a streamlined approach to manage the stock limit and facilitate seamless transactions, ultimately making the process easier and more lucrative for farmers.

Our primary objective is to create a fair and efficient market that benefits both farmers and merchants alike. In the traditional system, farmers often face the challenge of brokers offering them significantly lower prices for their products compared to what the mills or rythu bazars are willing to pay. This unjust pricing mechanism leaves farmers in a difficult situation, as they are forced to either accept the low offers and bear financial losses or return with their unsold products, resulting in spoilage. Arambh steps in to address this issue by eliminating the involvement of brokers and establishing a direct connection between farmers and buyers.

Our user-friendly website serves as a comprehensive platform for farmers to navigate the selling process with ease. Farmers simply log in and select the location of their city, followed by choosing their specific product from the extensive list provided. The platform then displays the mills or rythubazars interested in purchasing those products, along with their respective locations. This allows farmers to select the nearest available option, ensuring convenience and minimizing transportation costs.

To secure a transaction, farmers can effortlessly book a slot, similar to reserving a ticket on BookMyShow. This slot booking system provides a structured framework that optimizes the flow of products and enables efficient processing at the mills or rythu bazars. By scheduling slots, Arambh effectively manages the stock limit, ensuring a balanced supply-demand ratio and preventing market congestion.

Upon arriving at the designated location with their products, farmers are met by Arambh’s dedicated quality check officers. These experts meticulously inspect the quality of the items, rating them based on predetermined criteria. The quality percentage serves as a key determinant in determining the appropriate payment for the farmer’s products.

This objective assessment ensures fair compensation and maintains transparency throughout the process. Once the quality assessment is completed, Arambh promptly facilitates payment to the farmer. From the total amount received, we deduct a nominal 1% service fee, which enables us to maintain and enhance the platform’s functionality.

The remaining balance is then transferred to the farmer’s account through a range of secure and convenient payment methods. For those preferring online transactions, the payment is processed and transferred within 3 hours, allowing farmers to access their funds swiftly. Alternatively, if farmers opt for cash payments, the amount will be made available within 1 day, ensuring flexibility to accommodate different needs.

Arambh’s comprehensive approach not only empowers farmers but also fosters a stronger agricultural ecosystem. By bridging the gap between farmers and buyers, we eliminate the exploitative practices of brokers and promote fair pricing. This directly translates into increased profitability for farmers, reduced spoilage of agricultural produce, and the overall enhancement of the agricultural sector. With Arambh, farmers can confidently navigate the market, secure fair compensation for their hard work, and contribute to a sustainable and prosperous farming community.

Arambh is solving the problem of farmers being exploited by brokers in the agricultural market. We aim to eliminate the unfair pricing system that often leads to financial losses and product spoilage for farmers. By connecting farmers directly with mills or rythu bazars, we ensure fair pricing and empower farmers to sell their products at just compensation. Our platform streamlines the selling process, cutting out the need for middlemen and creating a more efficient and transparent market. Through Arambh, we strive to create a fair and sustainable agricultural ecosystem that benefits both farmers and merchants.


The vision of Arambh is to create a fair and sustainable agricultural ecosystem that empowers farmers and promotes their prosperity. We envision a future where farmers have direct access to markets, eliminating the exploitation of brokers. By leveraging technology and innovative solutions, we aim to streamline the selling process, ensuring fair pricing and reducing product spoilage.

Arambh strives to be the catalyst for positive change in the agricultural sector, enabling farmers to receive just compensation for their hard work and fostering a stronger and more resilient farming community.

Since its inception, Arambh has embarked on a transformative journey in the agricultural sector. Led by founder Kadira Umesh Reddy, the startup has made significant strides in empowering farmers and revolutionizing the way they sell their products. Throughout the journey, Arambh has focused on addressing the prevalent problem of farmers being exploited by brokers.

By providing a direct platform for farmers to connect with mills or rythu bazars, Arambh has effectively eliminated the middlemen, ensuring fair pricing and just compensation for farmers. Arambh’s user-friendly website and streamlined processes have garnered positive feedback from farmers, who now have easier access to markets and greater control over their products.

The platform’s innovative approach, inspired by successful models like BookMyShow, has resonated with the agricultural community and gained traction in the industry. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, Arambh has expanded its reach and impact.

By forging strong connections with mills, rythu bazars, and other stakeholders in the agricultural ecosystem, the startup has fostered a more efficient and transparent market. As Arambh continues its journey, it remains committed to its mission of creating a fair and sustainable market for farmers and merchants.

With each step forward, the startup is making a tangible difference in the lives of farmers, reducing spoilage, increasing profitability, and building a stronger agricultural community. The journey of Arambh is marked by milestones achieved and lessons learned, all driven by the vision and dedication of its founder and team. With an unwavering commitment to empowering farmers and revolutionizing the agricultural landscape, Arambh is poised to create lasting impact and pave the way for a more equitable future.


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