FreshToHome is an E-Commerce Venture for Fresh and Chemical-Free Seafood


FreshtoHome cites meats and fish promptly from livestock farmers and fishers. It intends to supply fresh produce at mass-market prices, by essentially cutting out the mediators. FreshtoHome was founded in 2015 by Shan Kadavil and Matthew Joseph and is based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. FreshtoHome’s expanse of products includes fish, poultry, mutton, steaks, and fillet. Fish consists of shell, freshwater, and marine. Likewise, it facilitates suppliers to supply their seafood and meat to the website.

What is Fresh to Home?

Freshtohome is a delivery established app which ensures all the fresh catch of the day is served to the doorsteps of the consumers. An online marketplace that sells fresh fish, livestock and homegrown produce. There is no mediator involved to ensure freshness, genuineness, and low costs. It offers its courtesy in several major Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad and is processing about 1.5 million orders a month. Their idea is to keep those at both ends of the spectrum—consumers, and fishers and livestock farmers—happy.

In our internal research of about seven to eight samples in Bengaluru, we found that over 60 per cent of these samples had ammonia in them. Delhi, in turn, had 65 per cent ammonia and 15 per cent formalydene,” explains Shan Kadavil, Co-founder, FreshtoHome.

Since its inception in August 2015, the company has rapidly become a popular destination for chemical-free fish and antibiotic-free meats sourced directly from the coasts and farm. The company, which clocks in 3 tons of produce per day, has seen 65% month-on-month customer retention.

How Does it Work?

FreshToHome Founders

FreshtoHome seizes the meat and fish from the fishermen and farmers, keeping the cold chain untouched between zero and five degree Celsius. They expend Rs 35-38 on packaging material and reverse osmosis-treated ice, which ensures that this cold chain remains intact. The app has images, with which the fisherman and livestock farmers can bid the price at which they intend to sell their stock. Then the system places a purchase order, thus working as a virtual trading equity and exchange.

After the purchase order is placed, FreshtoHome transmits its trucks across South India, all within a 100km distance, where it can quickly source the meat and fish from an entire area and bring it back. There is a similar export business as well, which gives FreshtoHome a large procurement volume, thus subsidising the cost of the product.

Making Fresh to Home go Online

The app works on a gamified and straightforward model. Once a fisherman opens the app, the camera “reads” the fish, and detects the variety, size, based on which the fisherman puts in his proposal. At the other end, one or two “feet on street” bid at auctions, pick up the catch and transport it through the cold chain to respective hubs. The team, which has already made a revenue of Rs 330 crore this year, is striving for an annual basis gain of Rs 350 crore by the end of this financial year.

The team now has 60-plus trucks, 1,500 people, and 100 hubs across India and Dubai. The startup, which began operations in 2015 and has so far raised $31 million in funding, has over a million orders a month.

Fresh to Home, the entire integrated online brand in fresh fish and meat e-commerce raised $121 million which was led by Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), Ascent Capital and the US Government’s development finance institution – DFC, the Allana Group and other investors. The capital will be wielded to support the fast-paced expansion of the brand in India and the Middle East – targeting $200M Sales in 2021 while strengthening current EBITDA profitability in mature cities through deeper supply chain integration on the platform.

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