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As the literacy rate continues to grow in India and worldwide. The demand for jobs and internships has equally raised. ‘Fresherly‘, a Bangalore-based company has come up to fulfill the dream of getting high-paying and desired jobs. Lakshmi Kanthan Bharati K S, the founder of the company is on a mission to bring those dreams into reality.

The Story Behind

The inspiring journey of ‘Fresherly’ began when Lakshmi Kanthan got the idea of ‘Fresherly’ while he was taking a design thinking course at Stanford. He decided to establish a full-time platform where he could bridge the gap between access to knowledge and opportunities for college students. He created a design that fulfills the requirements of students to land onto their desired jobs or internships. A platform that would help students who are lost in their career path and are newly stepping into the working world.

And that’s how ‘Fresherly’ came into existence. The company offers mentorship and guidance to students and graduates. It helps them in choosing the right path toward their career goals. This platform provides everything a student or a young bachelor needs. They can learn and advance in their career to succeed and land their desired job.

Meet the Mega Mind

Lakshmi Kanthan Bharathi K S, the Founder & CEO of ‘Freshely’ founded the startup on 11 February 2022. He has not only founded the startup but has done major work in setting up the company in a unique way that stands out in the market. He has a Master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from HEC in Paris, France.

He studied at Stanford GSB’s 1-year Professional Business Leadership Programme. After leaving Stanford, he started to work on his idea of ‘Fresherly’ as a side hustle while working in other companies. Along with his career, he continued his learning. He completed the Executive Programme in Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategy from IIM Calcutta. He is now a leading Alumni of Stanford GSB and IIM Calcutta.

He worked for 10+ years as a business leader in different departments with many firms. including PhonePe, Paytm, and Vodafone Idea. He is also a member of GrowthX, a global network of growth practitioners and mentors.

The Hurdles In The Journey

During Lakshmi’s journey of building ‘Fresherly’ he faced many hurdles. As there are over 220 million college students all around the world. This made it challenging for him to help students get their ideal job through the platform.

It was challenging because of inadequate access to information and limited resources. The different college requirements and teaching approaches also added to the problems. All these hurdles made it challenging for ‘Fresherly’ to get the right mentors and companies for students to connect and network.

However, Lakshmi and his team continued to work and find solutions to the problems that students faced during their career journey. Hence, they made ‘Fresherly’ a platform that eases the problems and doubts of the students coming from different backgrounds.


Despite the challenges, Lakshmi Kanthan and his team thrived to bring their ideas into existence and achieved success. The milestones they achieved show their determination to help students in their career paths. Their startup firm has a total revenue of around Rs 1.2 Crore.

Recently, they got selected for a prestigious program, PedalStart’s Zero to One 2.0 Accelerator Program. This program will help them by providing funding. The funding can be used to expand and develop the startup to the next level. Besides that, they have planned plenty of income models. Starting from mentorship service at the MVP stage. The upgraded MVP includes the subscription service and hiring service. The advertisement service includes versions such as beta and full versions.

Problems They Are Solving

Lakshmi Kanthan works with his team of 4. The team has experience of 40+ years from various backgrounds. They work towards solving the problems faced by college students and fresh graduates. College students all over the world have unequal access to information and opportunity. The diverse peer knowledge levels and a need for career support. All these obstacles create an unequal playing field in student’s professional paths.

Thus, ‘Fresherly’ intends to close those gaps. Giving all students an equal chance to succeed in their careers. So far Lakshmi along with his team have developed an exclusive partnership with institutions. Along with a unique student intern recruiting approach. This led to the increase of student onboarding on a large scale. An accurate approach was set up to hire experts. That was from various sectors as mentors to advise the students.

Future Plans

In the next 4 months, the roadmap they made is clear as they are ready to launch MVP. By offering a platform, designed for development and education. They aim to go beyond the traditional bounds of professional networking for students. They are aiming to create a platform that rewrites the history. Especially for professionals worldwide. Thorough research, strategic planning, and foundation building are involved in the process.

Vision & Mission

Their vision crystallizes around creating a platform that goes beyond networking. Bringing a 360° learning experience. Their mission is to “revolutionize student experiences with global connections. With mentor-guided growth, curated knowledge, and diverse opportunities for students across the world” “Empowering every member of the global student community, irrespective of their background. So that they can pave their path to success. Through unparalleled knowledge and opportunities access”

Summarising It All

Lakshmi Kanthan inspires young minds through his journey of hurdles and challenges, to dream big and achieve them through hard work and determination. His vision proves him to be a kind and helpful person who works hard to fulfill other student’s dreams of achieving big.

‘Fresherly’ is transforming the career path for students worldwide who are facing the reality of unequal access to information and guidance. The company seeks to level up its game. Their revenue of Rs 1.2 Crore proves it. Their vision is beyond networking, it’s a learning along-the-way platform. They aim to upskill the global student community. By providing equal opportunities, mentor-guided growth, and knowledge for students.

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If you are a student in school or college looking for a chance to explore great career options then ‘Fresherly’ has got your back. You can register yourself as a student by filling out this form through this form link. Not a student? No problem, ‘Fresherly’ has opportunities for experienced graduates who are experts in their field and work, as mentors on their website. All you have to do is fill up the form by visiting their website and contribute your offerings on the platform.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1) What does ‘Fresherly’ offer?

They offer mentorship and guidance to students and graduates. It helps them in choosing the right path toward their career goals and learn along the way

2) How ‘Fresherly’ was found?

It was founded when Lakshmi Kanthan got the idea for ‘Fresherly’ while he was taking a design thinking course at Stanford.

3) Who is the founder of ‘Fresherly’?

Lakshmi Kanthan Bharathi K S is the founder of the company.

4) How can I visit their website?

You can visit their website through this link

5) Can Graduates apply on ‘Fresherly’?

Yes , students and fresh graduates can apply on the website for mentorship and networking.


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