Flintoclass @ HOME, Engaging Children at Home

Flintoclass @ HOME, Engaging Children at Home | Karo Startup

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically altered the terrain of the educational sector in the country. Boosted connectivity and technology has not only enabled ed-tech firms to come up with out-of-the-box knowledge outcomes; it has also facilitated pedagogue and parents to be generous to creative methods of teaching their children. Flinto Learning Solutions was founded in September 2013 by Arunprasad Durairaj, Vijay Babu Gandhi and Shreenidhi Srirangam and is built on a mission to change the way children across the world learn and play. Chennai-based Flinto Learning introduced Flintoclass@HOME to maintain its business going on, and give rise to preschool understanding at home. The startup began Flintoclass@HOME, a prekindergarten scheme furnishing structured early learning to children, in June 2020 and replenished the void left behind the edtech giants in the preschool segment during the lockdown.

We don’t want COVID-19 to come in the way of a child’s learning. For children below six years of age, monotonous online classes can’t be a substitute for the multi-sensory experiences that they deserve. We wanted to ensure that children continue receiving structured hands-on learning without compromising on their safety,” Arunprasad added.

Flintoclass Arun prasad | Karo Startup

From Flintobox Was Born Flintoclass ‘Preschool in a Box’, Powering Children with High-Quality Learning Tools

Flinto Class Preschool in a Box | Karo Startup
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FlintoClass is a revolutionary and comprehensive early learning system that lets edupreneurs run suitable and world-class preschools. Flintoclass@HOME toils like an alternate for regular preschools. All the equipment, along with assignment plans and a dashboard to track a child’s progress, is delivered at the doorstep of users. It concentrates on terminology and literacy improvement, mental development, and imaginative expression.

Dealing With a Stumbling Block

Flinto did not register any revenue in April 2020 as the primary storage was closed, the delivery of products was affected during the nationwide lockdown. The business took a hit. Anuprasad highlighted that over the last seven years; they glimpsed that their team has an aptitude of rising with imaginative solutions when the roads get formidable. Flinto utilised its secondary warehouses, and that alleviated the challenges to a magnitude. The company says that despite the pandemic, there was no fall in the number of orders placed.

A Revolutionary and Comprehensive Early Learning System, Flinto, Has Generated $7.2 Million in a Pre-Series B Funding, Led By Lightbox Ventures

In the first week of July, Flinto Learning Solutions closed a Pre-Series B funding of $7.2 million (₹50 crores approximately) led by Lightbox Ventures, to support its abrupt development in the early knowledge space and to enhance its newly-launched pre-school solution. Flintobox, the company’s flagship product that came out of Flinto’s creation and research centre, has 1 million families correlated with it across India. Flintoclass sprinkle its wings to more than 700 preschools across eight countries.The startup’s income model renovates the preschool fees, where parents pay period by period. Parents can benefit from boxes for only one term, or three months for Rs 13,497 (if paid upfront) or Rs 4,499 per month. The annual subscription fee is Rs 40,491 (upfront) or Rs 2,349 per month.

We strongly believe that preschool cannot be shifted online as it (screen time) will do more harm than good during the early days,” Arunprasad says. “The more children interact, play and explore with physical materials, the more likely they will learn. Online classes are no replacement for this,” he adds.

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