This Finland Based Startup Sues Indian Startup for copying their patents as well as hiring their ex-employees


Oura Ring, a startup from Finland, is suing another healthtech startup called Ultrahuman. Oura Ring says Ultrahuman copied their cool tech stuff. According to papers from September, Oura Ring is not happy about it. The Next Web shared the scoop, saying Oura Ring filed a lawsuit in a Texas court. They claim Ultrahuman copied their patents and got secret info from their old employees.

Oura Ring, which started in 2013 and has almost a million users, thinks Ultrahuman is trying to be just like them.

Oura Ring said, Ultrahuman is trying to copy us in how it looks and works.”” They also accused Ultrahuman of hiring their old workers and maybe using secret info before launching Ultrahuman’s own ring.Oura Ring isn’t stopping there.

They’re saying Ultrahuman’s ring and app look too similar to theirs. Oura Ring launched its first ring in 2022 and a new one called Ring Air in June this year. Nobody from Ultrahuman has answered questions about this yet.

We’ll update you if they say something. Ultrahuman, started in 2019 by Mohit Kumar and Vatsal Singhal, got $17.5 million in funding from some big names. Alpha Wave Incubation, managed by Falcon Edge, Steadview Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, Blume Ventures, and Utsav Somani’s iSeed fund all pitched in.

Some famous people, like Tiger Global’s Scott Schleifer and others, are supporting Ultrahuman too. Let’s see how this tech battle unfolds!”


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