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Find Your Perfect Match At Samphions, Mobile App For Dating Services Based On Health & Lifestyle Preferences

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Samphion with the tagline of ‘Match that Matters’ is the brainchild of Udit Shah. He has an MBA in International Business, IIFT and is the Founder and CEO of Samphion Technology Private Limited. Samphion is a mobile application for dating services based on health & lifestyle preferences. 

Samphion, a Dating Brand under Parent Company Samphion Technology Private Limited,  helps users create their health & lifestyle profiles using Photos and Descriptions and explore various profiles based on their health & lifestyle preferences. 

Exclusive Junction – Interest-Based Junction

Samphion caters to the absolute safety and security aspects of its users by acquainting a set of innovative features. The app does not allow screenshots on its platform. Samphion keeps the confidentiality and security of the users as their priority. Samphion encourages its users for supporting good behaviour and contributing to the safety guidelines of the platform. 

It acts as a junction of interest. Users will experience 16 other health & lifestyle categories offered by Samphion on its platform, from Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Swimming, Zumba, Fitness, Exercise, Walking, Music, etc. 

Empowering 10 Million Happy Relationships

Samphion is on the mission to empower 10 million happy relationships. The colour psychology of the application is kept blue to showcase the platform’s values of trust and safety. Samphion empowers the best in human relations with its standards in design, tech and safety. 

Users can like and dislike profiles based on their interests; they can chat and go on a date according to their interests in health and lifestyle.

Dating @ Samphion = Cool + Fun + Exciting + Safe + Private 

Samphion is the world’s only Dating Brand that encourages users to contribute to Safety Standards. It is also India’s first Health & Lifestyle Dating Brand.

The mobile platform possesses a feature that lets users report the user profiles involved in abuse, drugs, violence, nudity and other activities that are not good for the safety standards of the forum

The Extraordinary Offerings

Enabling Expression To Users-  Samphion helps users uniquely curate their Health & Lifestyle Profiles. They can build their interest in multiple categories, describe the same in 50 -100 words and share their level of expertise. 

Example – An XYZ User can showcase his expertise in Yoga by uploading relevant photographs, describe them in 50-100 words and at the same time do the same for Dance as well as Meditation. On top of it, Users can upload their general photographs in Life Snaps as well.  

Seamless Discovery Based On Health & Lifestyle Preferences- Users can explore the profiles of other users in different categories from Yoga, meditation to Dance and Fashion by exploring the Exclusive Junction. 

Genuine Profile Verification- User gets a Verification tag and Samphionister tag to showcase genuine profile build-up. The Verification tag ensures a genuine profile, and the Samphionister tag provides genuine Health & Lifestyle Profile build-up. 

Incentivising User Profiles With Badges For Contributing To Safety Guidelines Of Platform– Users can report profiles for multiple reasons. If their claims are found to be accurate, they will be incentivised with badges that will help them to have higher visibility towards their preference. 

Provide You With A Safe And Secure Environment– Screenshots are a ban on the app; nobody can take any screenshots. It ensures that the users are safe and are not misusing the platform.

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