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Lightweight, portable, and packed full of power, all of their products are thoughtfully designed for everyday use. Whether you’re venturing off-grid or relaxing in the yard, m-powerd products are always there to make life a little easier.

Each product sold helps them to provide clean energy to people around the world who need it most.

Mission behind the Formation

Their mission is to transform lives with thoughtfully designed, clean technology. From concept to creation, every detail of their business is deliberate. As a Benefit Corporation, they set strict standards for themselves, ensuring that their work enhances both society and the environment.

Their innovative products give people the power of self-reliance as well as moments of wonder—because they believe everyone deserves to be empowered and inspired regardless of where or how they live. Keeping this in mind they created Luci in 2012, a solar inflatable light as efficient and durable as it is sleek and versatile. Luci lets you bring the power of the sun wherever you need it, whether you’re traveling off-grid, hitting the trails, or adding a modern touch to your home.

With over 500 NGO and non-profit relationships in over 90 countries, they’ve brought reliable, clean light to some extraordinary places: from the towns of Nepal to the villages of Uganda to the mountains of Peru and beyond


Devising productive business tactics, poising with numbers and sharp business acumen have been central to his core expertise. However, he is guided more by passion, Sudeep Singh, an ex-investment banker and portfolio manager of several Fortune 500 companies in the past, decided to combine his strategic skills with his love for ‘all things tech’. He is a self-confessed tech geek, his addiction to the world of technology made him spearhead the Business Development vertical for a top-notch IT firm on Wall Street in New York. What he started off as a chance meeting in 2008 with the owner of the company later saw him magnify the business to more than two hundred percent year on year before eventually closing a successful sell-off deal of the venture to a private firm.

His next innings saw him set up a growth platform for Start-ups in India via Startup Grind – the largest independent startup community founded in Silicon Valley. His aim was four-pronged – helping startups start, survive, sustain, and scale. Today, after five years of its operations in India, the community which kicked off with over 100 entrepreneurs in 2012 has today scaled up to 1,50,000 budding entrepreneurs being a part of its illustrious lineage!

As Country Director – APAC for Start-up Grind, Singh’s target is to grow this community to 500,000 entrepreneurs over the next three years! A multi-faceted startup evangelist, his unending quest to make the entrepreneurial culture thrive in India made him launch yet another tech enabler – BHM Ventures in 2016 – with the sole aim to create a global network of start-up technology connecting to the enterprise.

When he is not discovering the latest gizmos and gadgets, off-roading and jet skiing catch his fancy as the best bets to break away from the rigors of a demanding schedule. The game of golf is the next ‘must-do’ waiting to tee off on his exhaustive checklist!

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