Exploring T-Hub Operational Approach and Plans for Growth


T-Hub, the cool player that hooks up startups, investors, government folks, and big businesses, has been a key player in firing up the startup vibe in Telangana and places around.

Managed by the Telangana government and some big shots like the International Institute of Information Technology, Indian School of Business, and National Academy of Legal Studies and Research, T-Hub brags about raising more than 3,500 startups in the last eight years.

For the inside scoop on how this magic happens, how startups get a leg up, and what’s cooking for the future, Entrackr had a chat with Srinivas Rao Mahankali, the big boss of T-Hub.

Started in 2015, T-Hub hooks up startups with spaces, gear, and claims they’ve bagged around $800 million in funding. Right now, they’ve got over 500 startups in the house, with 300 doing their thing right from T-Hub’s turf.

When Entrackr asked about the government and private peeps pitching in, Srinivas spills the beans, “”The government throws in the cash for big spending (capEx), but we handle the day-to-day stuff and keep the money flowing.””

T-Hub brings in the moolah by renting out spaces, grabbing some fees from corporate and international gigs, and of course, snatching funding. Srinivas spills the tea, “”Our job is to link up startups with money folks. Lately, we’re charging a bit based on how well the startups do.””

“”We’re the fairy godparents for baby startups, helping them turn their ideas into real stuff, getting them noticed in the market, and making sure they get that sweet funding from angel investors and venture capitalists,”” says Srinivas, solving problems for startups like a superhero.

T-Hub isn’t picky about sectors; they’re into everything from healthcare to sustainability, enterprise tech, and the web and mobile scene. Srinivas spills more beans, “”We’re building a whole gang to back up startups. We’re chatting it up with other states, not just setting up shop, but being the brainy friends who share our know-how.””

And guess what? T-Hub is spreading its wings to places like Bihar, teaming up with their government and thinking about making moves into more states. Just recently, Hexagon’s R&D Center in India kicked off its startup catalyst program, thanks to a nudge from T-Hub.

So, that’s the buzz from T-Hub – making startups shine and spreading the startup love to more corners of the country.


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