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Expertbells- A One Stop Solution For Startups That Promotes A Faceless, Painless And Transparent System For Executing Professional Services

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           Experts at Expertbells will ring the bell and make you aware of the compliance.

Experbells is the brainchild of Priyanka Chelani, Alumna of Delhi University. Priyanka was passionate about startups as she pursued her studies at Delhi University and has acquaintances from IITs, where most startups laid their first stone. 

She noted that the significant challenge faced by most of the startup founders was to set up their business structure legally. Therefore, Priyanka decided to take off Expertbells, where startups can finish their part of required compliances under one roof at the most affordable prices. 

Priyanka Chelani, Founder of Expertbells, was earlier working with Infosys; she quit the job and started working on her startup. Her husband is a Chartered Accountant, and with his support, she successfully launched the startup, arranging resources. He played the role of a mentor in this startup. 

                                             Priyanka Chelani, Founder of Expertbells

Priyanka Chelani, Founder of Expertbells, told us that her sister Roma Chelani, a Psychologist by profession, has been working with this startup as a Co-Founder struggling with the management part.

The X-factor

The bare urgency for any startup to sustain itself efficiently is to comply with all the legal & business requirements promptly. Priyanka Chelani, Founder of Expertbells, introduced EXPERTBELLS. This online portal asserts, “Make your business compliance easy”. Business compliance encompasses complete accounting, taxation, legal services, company registration, GST fillings, Income Tax fillings, ROC Compliance, Registrations like the Startup India portal, ISO certification and many more.

The Founder highlights that the company aims to nurture digitisation where each & every service can be performed by using their website “”, including video conferencing, phone calls and emails. The platform is Startup-Friendly, where comprehensive diligence is protected to help the startups operate smoothly by focusing on the core activities without worrying about compliances, from getting company registration to daily compliances required by a startup.

Hence, this is the originality of Expertbells that all the services are provided under one umbrella from consultation or obtaining licenses, registration of business, to getting Intellectual property rights or preparation of agreements.

The Stumbling Blocks

Any startup needs to have a persistent team. A perfect team plays a fundamental role to attain the company’s goals. The company claims to provide all the professional services under one roof. Initially, it was a bit challenging to manage and harmonise with various professionals at the same time and get the job done.

Business Model and Strategy 

Expertbells is focused on aiding startups in fulfilling their compliances at a lower cost. Therefore, clientele can save the fines and liabilities for not indulging in legal compliances. The firm is solely dedicated to helping the startups run smoothly by focusing on the core activities without bothering about compliances. 

The company understands that setting up a business is not a cakewalk. One needs to do a lot of research and take various decisions before entering the market. To tackle this, their team of professionals guides startups in all respects, commencing from setting up a startup, financing queries to promotion and marketing techniques.

Besides this, the firm also provides businesses with all required licenses, registrations, expert consultation on a timely basis, saving clientele from legal fines and penalties.

Into the Future

Currently, Expertbells is bootstrapped and is working on Software using cloud technology which includes accounts management, inventory management, invoice handling, tracking invoice delivery, management of receivables & payables and GST filings. These features will help the startups to work extra smoothly.

In future, the company intends to provide their Co-working spaces to startups in metro cities to make it easy for founders to invade the market at multiple locations. ExpertBells will soon launch a B2B platform to transmit the work to the professionals settled in remote areas to help in balancing the workload between metro cities and remote areas.

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