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Samosa Singh

INDIA is a country which portrays unity in diversity having different food taste, art, culture, and snacks even many more things but if we talk of snacks we can say the king of snacks ” SAMOSA” we were able to find samosa on every corner or part of the country and in every stall on streets and it has been having that there is no hygiene and they were not even maintaining a good quality of taste and ingredients. In INDIA we see that most of the fast-food restaurants are selling  Pizzas, Burgers, and none focus on the king of snacks called SAMOSA. Most of the customers had turned to street vendors for samosa.

Then came a couple, Nidhi and Shikhar Singh in 2016 who thought of such idea and thus came up with the idea of starting of the Start-up of samosas and they named it  WoknStove Foodworks Pvt Ltd, which sells innovative samosas under the brand name Samosa Singh, and under this brand name, they are giving the best samosa and different flavor samosas to the customers to their satisfaction.

There is a famous quote for samosas that everyone should know and that is called :

” Who says the only aaloo goes into a samosa! Experience the change at Samosa Singh.”

Samosa Singh was co-founded by Shikhar Veer Singh and Nidhi Singh in 2016 named the samosa who is the king of snacks and started under the brand name called SAMOSA SINGH and it ought to attract the mind of people and thus having a great presence of gathering.

“The seed of this idea was planted in their minds then and which resulted in a fruit which is sweet to taste. “”

Samosa Singh is currently in Bengaluru and Hyderabad and it plans to establish and consolidate its presence in south India and it has a very wide aspect and thus shows that how the idea took a great turn towards success and this results in great gathering there and thus it has win hearts of many people…


This business plan was refined—offering hygiene which wasn’t good enough earlier in the streets, the product had to be innovative.

” As we know INDIA is full of diversities and everything has its own art of attraction and taste and presence and even every region in our country has its own specialties. But you will find samosas in any part of India.

Everyone in India will know what a samosa is. You don’t need to explain it with your art of perfection and it really laid its impact on a wide range of people there,” says Shikhar, the soft-spoken foil to Nidhi’s more aggressive salesperson persona “

India has a massive food market—it was pegged at $193 billion last year. But it is not an easy business to be in with hundreds of businesses shutting shop each day since there is competition out and having such a success with having such goodwill is a great deal of joy.

The recreation of the Samosa as Samosa Singh is a story of innovation, aspiration, patience, presence of mind, and finally, of the love for legacy and this samosa of SAMOSA SINGH has win hearts of many.

And yet there are miles to be added to the journey on the path. Challenging their own perceptions and recreation of their own art with time. Reinventing themselves for a new experience. Each day is a new day with a new art of taste at SAMOSA SINGH.

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