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Evoqe, Take Your Business To New Heights

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Evoqe is one of the leading digital solutions and a technology-driven company that provides its partners digital and finance-related solutions.

Evoqe has evolved from a passion project into an internationally registered solution provider. The company motto is ” Create a strong international presence and help to achieve the desired milestones of the entrepreneurs”.

A Passionate Project

Evoqe was founded in 2018 by Jubran Siddique that provides digital and finance-related solutions to its partners. It was the second company of Jubran as a passion project has now become an Internationally registered company.

They want to serve digital and financial-related solutions to create a healthy environment for your brand in the international market and help to achieve the required levels of entrepreneurship.

Evoqe is one of the few organisations globally that brings together the integration of Design, IT, and financial technology. They are a team of ideas designers, curious problem solvers, and enthusiastic participants who believe that good products are made when strategies and techniques work together.

Evoqe is passionate to add value to your business by coming up with creative solutions that make your product better known, better understood, and genuinely different and achieves your desired results as an entrepreneur through their trademark product Venture in a Box (VIAB).

Evoqe focuses on promoting Brand Belief with the power of trust, encouragement, empowerment, and growth.

Remember that your brand belief is your compass; it guides everything you do! : Evoqe

Multi-talented Man

Meet the multitalented man Jubran Siddique.

He is the founder of Evoqe. He was born in Saudi Arabia and spent most of his childhood there, later on, he moved to Chennai, India. Jubran is a graduate in BBA and MBA.

Apart from that, He is a fan of chess, snooker, and other perfect recipes. He is a certified yoga instructor and a reiki therapist. His passion for other holistic therapies has inspired her to learn and excel in the field of acupressure and acupuncture. He is a man of diverse talent full of passion and energy. His love of helping people led him to work with some of the top NGOs in Chennai.

Growing up with the passion of exploring new things/ideas. Jubran started his business career as a shariah-compliant investment banker

 In 2015 with his first company, Zaryah Investment Company (ZIC).

 He successfully diversified his investment network into nine different industries ranging from petrochemical and processing to restaurants, laundry and built an international presence over the past five years.

Jubran started his second company Evoqe. He started this with the thought of expanding his creativity in design, IT, and AI. It was also an ode to his wife, who loves design and is an animation design graduate.

       Jubran Siddique is the founder of Evoqe


Design is more than what meets the eye.

Evoqe is more than just passionate. They are creating a digital journey that engages your audience and brings them closer to you. The design gives you an edge. They take your customers out of curiosity to entertain.

Evoqe goal is not just to create beautiful-looking paintings but designs that serve the purpose and achieve the desired effect. They put their product on all sides, combining market insights and business objectives, to create a more focused solution.

Digital Solutions

Evoqe is leading digital solutions for its partners with full innovative technology and is easily accessible for all.

Evoqe platforms combine intelligent Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) features to meet the growing needs of the f an expanded ecosystem (XR) -enable devices mobile brings immersive sound, visuals, and interaction across entertainment, games, education, industrial applications, and more.

Internet Of Things

The surge of technology provides not only opportunities to expand their digital capabilities but also a chance to use IoT technology to better their operations and become more productive, more protected, and more profitable.

IoT can be improved with automation and AI to find new marketing methods. Succeeding in today’s competitive environment requires expert guidance. Evoqe’s IoT services have the technology to help you build IoT capabilities that can create new revenue streams, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a system for recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to modify, hack, or cheat the system. Blockchain is a digital ledger of duplicate transactions and distributions across a network of computer programs on the blockchain.

Evoqe’s blockchain services enable organisations to use different levels of accessibility. Organisations can make quick transactions with the help of blockchain. Account reconciliation can be done automatically. The transactions made are transparent, and that is why it is so easy to track. The power of today’s new digital capabilities is enormous and growing. Evoqe does digital solutions for your business.

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