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An Esports Tournament Platform Gamerji- A Professional Platform where Gaming can Earn you Money!

Gamerji Future Plans | Karo Startup
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In a realm full of people where gaming is being tagged as a job of jobless people, Gamerji and team are attempting to enhance and develop themselves and provide earnings to passionate gamers irrespective of their talent in the phase of gaming. Gamerji is an online esports gaming platform where tournaments are organised for different games such as COD, Free Fire etc. To provide a pro-level of e-sport gaming experience, Soham Thacker and Varun Gajjar launched Gamerji in 2019.

Gamerji – About and How it Works

Gamerji | Karo Startup

Gamerji is an Online Gaming Platform on Android and iOS devices which has a unique feature of summoning tournaments for popular esports games like Clash Royale, Call of Duty, etc. Gamerji clenches its share of the B2C market by formulating content and organising virtual tournaments. In 2019, Gamerji was initiated with a pan India squad tournament called AirDrop 1.0 which has more than 4,000 participants.

 It is a platform where gamers can influence their gaming skills and make more from the hours spent. Gamerji intends to become the largest virtual esports platform in the country by 2021 and a place for all the gamers to come and make most of their skills. This platform targets users between 16 to 30, Gamerji is no different.

Once a user registers on the app, they can join tournaments for an entry fee and get to compete with other gamers. Gamerji’s team moderates the tournaments for fair play and in the end, the winners are given cash prizes.

Gamerji is also the first-ever Indian startup to be selected in the accelerator program by Qatar Sports Tech – A sports-centric startup investor and accelerator based in Doha, Qatar.

Business Model and Revenue Model

The startup’s revenues are growing exponentially, and Gamerji expects to generate more than Rs 3 crore revenue by the end of 2020. Gamerji generates its revenue through League Joinings and Sponsored Leagues.

League Joinings: Once a user registers on the app they can join tournaments for an entry fee and get to compete with other gamers A percentage of the joining amount is distributed as winnings, and Gamerji keeps the rest as platform fees.

Sponsored Leagues: Companies to market their brand to the gaming audience can sponsor a tournament.

Challenges Faced

One of the landmarks that Gamerji faced was the trust standing of the consumers. It is imperative to build trust among the users for any platform, especially if they are paying customers. In response to this, the team performed specific free tournaments for users to get used to the forum and tried to convince them that the platform firmly makes payments.

Future Plans

Gamerji is currently operating with 300K+ gamers on the platform from across India. Gamerji has conducted more than 3200 tournaments in the last six months and plans to hit a million user mark by 2020.

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