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EShipz- Specializes in the fields of E-commerce, software, and logistics

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According to IBEF, the logistics industry is a $200 billion industry, and three percent of that industry opportunity is spent on technology. Shivadeep Mahadi, Shashi Tripathi, and Ajaykumar R originated eShipz in April 2019 in Bengaluru to solve this problem for SMEs. eShipz runs on two models, one being the SaaS model where it implicates businesses based on a per label/request created through its solution. On the courier companies’ side, the startup endeavours with SF Express, the largest carrier in China. It is a freight services company which proposes a software platform constructed for shipping automation. This Bengaluru based startup is a provider of cloud-based shipping solutions for e-tailers. 

It encompasses the supervision of multi-channel orders, logistics, NDR and returns, delivery and prescriptive analytics, supply chain visibility, bulk order processing, and an app for parcel tracking and shipping management. It also offers dashboard analytics which enables to comprehend the patterns of the eCommerce orders, customers & their correlated matrix of all processed orders. Reduces manual efforts by 80% by Processing orders faster and efficiently.

About EShipz

EShipz, a dispatch management tool, helps businesses to manage & reduce their eCommerce returns across numerous channels on a single platform. This ease of management allows them to remain focused on their core business with logistics handling with experts. eShipz has been able to reduce returns by 5-6% for many companies across various business verticals. These tools help industries to lessen logistics cost, provide customers with a joyful experience resulting in repeat purchase, and courier companies get to do more successful deliveries.

EShipz founders

In the eight years of their working together, the co-founders understood the pain points of large enterprises, mainly when it came to expressing logistics. 

What eShipz offers?

Small businesses generally do order processing manually with two or three courier companies. This does not have the money for the precise business visibility of all order sourcing channels and shipped orders. In return, they end up expending a lot of time tracing the status of these orders. Beyond visibility on a single platform, this method of operations also results in high returns of orders—as much as 20 percent at times—and protects the company from accessing analytics of courier carriers to help them prosper their business. The startup’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) product acts on a plug-and-play model for SMEs by incorporating with their delivery channels. The dashboard gives a snapshot of fulfilled orders and those in transit, and the courier companies that the SME is working with for each.

The Journey till now

The founders of EShipz capitalised Rs 10 lakh together to inaugurate the first version of the commercial product. They are seed-funded by Axilor Ventures. Early challenges faced by the founders included finding the right talent, as sales cycles are long. Every big enterprise requires special handling in terms of tech knowledge and expertise, and this talent is hard to find. The startup now has a team of 20 people. The startup is presently working with 80 enterprises and wants to take its solutions to 1,000 large enterprises in India over the next 18 months. Shiva deep highlighted that in this way, they would be able to process approximately two million shipments per month. eShipz makes about 100,000 shipments a month. 

Clients span from small shippers of less than 200 packages per day to multi-national shippers that process multiples of thousands of packages per day. For now, it is tracking shipments only to China

With innovative management of courier pickups and drops, eShipz asserts to reduce overall logistics cost, order processing time, and provide a clear idea of where their courier is across the world. The businesses use an app to track their packages. 

eShipz competes with Logitech companies such as Fortigo, Descartes, and EPG. Currently, the startup clocks revenue of $4,000 per month. It is expecting to achieve a $500,000 turnover for 2020.

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