Entrepreneurs Club- Empowering the Youth, Retired and Homemakers Develop Business Digitally

Entrepreneurs Club is a society that helps youth, retired, and homemakers develop business digitally through social media channels and offline. The company aims to provide our nation’s youth with the skillset and the mindset that is craved for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The Brain Behind Entrepreneur Club

Saransh Arora is a Delhi based Btech student. He started his startup of Notebooks Manufacturing in Faridabad, which created hype in the market and no doubt is in demand till the date named SA PAPERS, formerly Zeid Papers. Saransh Arora’s mother, who is in this industry, is earning in 6 figures, and Saransh himself is earning in 5 figures at just the age of 18. Both of them are attributed and started Modicare in Delhi, NCR. Saransh currently manages a portfolio of SA Group, which is dealing in Paper Products and the portfolio of Entrepreneurs Club.

In his initial days, Saransh realised that several homemakers are just wondering about their dreams and cannot fulfil them. He realised the need of the business that can help the youth and the homemakers who are just living their daily routine life at home instead of fulfilling their dreams. 

Saransh Arora, the Founder of the Entrepreneur Club, says, “Many entrepreneurs start a business to seize short-term opportunities without thinking about long-term strategy, but being a business enthusiast, I think for long term goals, strategy is required, and I always plan to make money and use that money to make more than before and after fulfilling the dreams use that money to help others.”

And that was the beginning of assembling his second venture. His fellow mates started earning with him, and now they are also helping other people work digitally and earn.

The company claims that it is not a Get Rich Quick System or a Pyramid Scheme Based Company. It is verified by the Indian government and is the first IDSA approved direct selling company. They are only offering you an ethical way to make money which can be achieved through consistent and brilliant work.

The Wow Factor

The Pictorial visuals and presentations provided by the Entrepreneurs club make learning and earning both more accessible and fun. Unlike other firms, the Entrepreneurs club not only targets the Leaders but also aims at the development of every individual man on a personal front. Every person gets a chance to stay connected with Saransh Arora. It’s like having a teacher with you 24/7.  

As entrepreneurs, not only you will find yourself motivated but find yourself surrounded by those people who face many challenges and share their journey, which not only motivates them but also gives them the strength to tackle any problem

Facing the Stumbling Blocks

The company states that it faced several challenges. Saransh highlighted that when he started his venture business, his friends used to tell him that the commencing of startups is something where people are fooled, and there is no scope for the money. Saransh used to listen to these lines every day, but these lines never demotivated him because he knew the person who was not earning 50 rs per day now earns five lakhs per day.

The Idea and Objective

The mere idea was to help every person who is striving hard to earn his dream income. Saransh wanted to provide Freedom to every person associated with him; freedom can be of any form let it be financial freedom or time freedom. He firmly believes that when you work for a positive change, the whole universe helps you to believe and helps in achieving great success.

Into the Future 

The founder believes in investing in people and helping them is his main focus and getting those positive vibes for himself from them is the real success.

With Values such as Fair-play, Quality, Teamwork, Creativity & Innovation, the plans of the future ahead are straightforward-

  1. By empathising with entrepreneurs, the company will take ownership to solve their problems.
  2. By empowering a new entrepreneur to become a leader, they will strengthen his/her group and increase longevity.
  3. By having a constant interaction with new business starters, they will strive to solve their problems.
  4. By recognising the potential in every individual, they will maximise their results.

By attaining these goals, they will win a smile to all consultants at the end of the day.

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