Ennoble IP – Amalgamation And Affluence Of Corporate And Educational Expertise

Ennoble IP is an IP Consultancy specialising in working with startups, SMEs, universities, and research institutions. Universities, SMEs, and startups in India have many potentials and perform a lot of innovations. Still, a lack of understanding has caused them to fall behind and lose their essential IP assets.

The firm, founded in 2014, is a one-stop-shop for all of your intellectual property requirements. It is a technology-driven corporation that not only provides IP protection services to its clients, the majority of whom are startups, SMEs, and universities, but also guides them through the entire process, beginning with the research of their basic ideas and extending to the drafting, filing, prosecution, and commercialisation of their patents, trademarks, copyright, and designs, as well as guide how to protect their intellectual property.

Meet The Founder

Ennoble IP and SheReal is the brainchild of Dr Shweta Singh. She is the Founder and CEO of Ennoble IP, her first business venture, which she founded in 2013. She combines a wealth of business and educational experience with knowledge in intellectual property, startup ecosystems, and management.

Dr Shweta has over 13 years of corporate experience in IP research and strategy, covering all aspects of Intellectual Property laws, primarily Patent, Design, and Trademark. She also has eight years of core experience in the Startup Ecosystem, having led various women-led startups through her non-profit organisation, WIEF. With her techno communication and content platform for SheReal, she is championing women business ecosystems from all over the world by highlighting the stories of these unsung heroes and showcasing their raw struggles and efforts with the idea of creating the largest profession for women.

Competitive Advantage

Ennoble IP’s primary goal, as they deal with Intellectual Property Rights, is to provide legal assistance to everyone who wants to safeguard their inventions and innovations. According to the company, it is unique as they want to help and encourage those just starting in their careers.

Ennoble IP works to generate and preserve intellectual property for small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, and educational institutions, which enhances their economies and, as a result, contributes to the country’s economic development.

The Challenges Encountered

Dr Shweta Singh’s journey was not as easy as it appeared. Coming from a religious family, she overcame numerous barriers because no one wanted her to receive primary education to pursue an alternative career path. The founder’s mother has always stood by her side through thick and thin, ensuring that she receives the most outstanding education possible. She married at the age of 20 due to family pressure, but it doesn’t stop her from dreaming because she understands how determined and ambitious she is.

Shweta has extensive experience managing consultancy projects, undefined data, and strategic research projects. Also, in delivering actionable intelligence analysis at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. She uses numerous research tools, including business, intellectual property, and market data, to assist clients in answering business questions. She also offers specialised techno-legal and innovation consulting services to assist inventors, start-ups, and SMEs in developing substantial intellectual property for long-term strategic advantages and competitive advantage.


Dr Shweta Singh set out to create her enterprise and become a giver. All of this inspired her to pursue a career in intellectual property rights, which would be highly advantageous to all start-ups and small businesses in any industry. Ennoble IP, her parent firm, is focused on raising awareness about intellectual property rights.

Shweta is passionate about assisting women-owned businesses and startups. She has invested in a few women-led firms on her dime.

She also offers specialised techno-legal and innovation consulting services to assist inventors, start-ups, and SMEs in developing substantial intellectual property for long-term strategic advantages and competitive advantage.

Business strategies and Funds

Dr Shweta Singh’s incredible journey was not without its challenges. She had to overcome several obstacles before reaching the pinnacles of success, and one of the most difficult was being duped by a friend and business partner. He left her with no money in her account and the option of backing out with a slew of loans and losses, but she accepted the challenge and refused to back out. This was the time to send a powerful message to all women, telling them that they are capable of facing any obstacle and dealing with any scenario. In 2017, she relaunched her company and grew it to new heights.

The company is now self-funded because the creator fully bootstraps it. We are searching for promising investors to help promote the business strategy and idea as the company plans to expand globally.

Into the Future

Globalisation is the next phase, and the company aims to expand its operations in nations such as the United States and Canada. In the next five years, with the correct strategy and goals, they hope to grow to a work-family of at least 500 workers and have more than 100 CRs.

They aspire to be one of the top five IP firms for startups, universities, and SMEs by bringing India into the top five ranks of the Innovation Index. They also want to keep growing and providing clients with both quantitative and qualitative work.

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