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Welcome to EnglishYaari! They offer 1-on-1 online English classes with experienced tutors. Their goal is to make learning English easy and convenient for everyone, regardless of location or schedule.

Connect with expert English Tutors 24/7 via live video chat on EnglishYaari. Beginners, intermediates, and advanced speakers are welcome.

Their tutors create a comfortable, supportive environment tailored to your needs. Get personalized attention, immediate feedback, and real-time Q&A.

The Genesis of EnglishYaari

EnglishYaari is an online learning platform founded by four college students currently studying at MIT Muzaffarpur. The founders, Vikas Gupta, Piyush Shekhar, Aniket Kumar, and Sandeep Kumar Singh, share a passion for education and a commitment to enhancing English language skills. Their mission is to revolutionize learning by providing personalized learning experiences to expedite individual learners toward achieving their language goals with cutting-edge technology and a student-centric approach.

Bridging the Language Divide

Their inception story began in their first year at MIT Muzaffarpur where Vikas Gupta, Piyush Shekhar, Aniket Kumar, and Sandeep Kumar Singh all shared a common apprehension of public speaking, particularly in English. This realization struck a chord, as they recognized it was a shared struggle. Despite their prowess in their respective fields, their self-doubt and fear of scrutiny hindered their communication in English.

This challenge highlighted the lack of safe spaces for practicing spoken English without judgment. EnglishYaari was born with a mission to establish an inclusive platform that fosters English fluency through live, personalized sessions with approachable tutors. Regardless of location, learners can engage confidently with transcending geographical barriers and time zones.

EnglishYaari is committed to bridging the language divide by providing accessible linguistic growth without compromising quality. Join us on the journey of self-expression and mastery as we reshape language learning for everyone, everywhere.

A Personalized Learning Space


EnglishYaari is a personalized English-speaking platform with real-time sessions led by friendly tutors. Learn from anywhere, anytime, and improve your language skills in a judgment-free atmosphere.

Looking for more than just a platform? Look no further than EnglishYaari! This personalized haven is the perfect place for your growth and development.

The issue was the lack of a nurturing environment for spoken language proficiency. EnglishYaari aims to revolutionize spoken English with an encouraging and affordable platform.

The Impact of EnglishYaari

In today’s globalized world, proficiency in English is crucial for Indian students who aspire to study abroad and succeed in the dynamic job market. EnglishYaari helps Indian students confidently navigate international academic landscapes by providing impeccable English communication skills, breaking down linguistic barriers, and driving them toward their global aspirations.

Navigating the Path of Student Entrepreneurship

Starting a business, they divided roles and focused on fundamentals to build a thriving startup. While exploring student entrepreneurship, their college seniors’ mentorship and technical insights were invaluable. They illuminated the way, helping us navigate challenges and seize opportunities. EnglishYaari helped them collaborate and learn together, shaping their future and the future of English language learning.

A Bright Future Ahead

As they build this unique learning space, they envision a future filled with success stories. The impact of EnglishYaari transcends boundaries, helping learners of diverse backgrounds and aspirations communicate fluently in English.

The path ahead is illuminated with promise, and the possibilities are limitless. With the fusion of innovative technology, empathetic guidance, and unwavering dedication,

 we are laying the foundation for a future where language mastery is within everyone’s grasp.

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Wrapping up

EnglishYaari is an online English learning platform founded by four MIT Muzaffarpur students, driven by a passion for education and language enhancement. They offer 1-on-1 live video chat sessions with experienced tutors for learners of all levels. The platform was born out of a common struggle with English fluency and aims to create a safe and supportive environment for learners to practice without judgment.

EnglishYaari is committed to bridging language divides, providing accessible linguistic growth, and helping Indian students confidently navigate global academic and job markets. It represents a bright future where language mastery is within everyone’s reach.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is EnglishYaari?

 EnglishYaari is an online platform offering live, 1-on-1 English classes with friendly tutors to enhance your spoken English skills. Our mission is to provide an environment where learners can practice and improve their English speaking abilities in a supportive and non-judgmental setting.

How does EnglishYaari work?

You can schedule personalized, live video chat sessions with our experienced tutors at any time that suits you. These sessions are designed to focus on your specific needs and goals, allowing you to practice speaking English in real-time.

Who are the tutors at EnglishYaari? 

Our tutors are skilled and friendly individuals who are dedicated to helping you improve your English communication skills. They are trained to provide personalized guidance and feedback to enhance your learning experience.


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