E-Panipurii Kartz: A Savoury Journey of Excellence and Hygiene- From Tradition to Innovation

From Tradition to Innovation: E-Panipurii Kartz - A Flavorful Journey of Hygiene and Excellence

About the Founder:

As a B.Com Dropout from Vanijya Mahavidyalaya, Patna University worked for around 18 years in Telecom Industry and started E-Panipurii on October 18, 2019. My journey was never easy but my desire to bring something new to my plate, kept me going! And, as such, I founded “E-panipurii kartz” with Manisha Neotia my Work-Life partner. What comes out of it – A Solution @ Connecting Tradition with Technology the Tag Line This is an innovative way of serving panipuris with absolute hygiene.

By leveraging technology, “E-panipurii kartz” not only maintains the rich tradition of serving panipuris but also enhances the overall experience by ensuring utmost cleanliness and safety. Their dedication to creating a unique and safe culinary experience has set them apart as a pioneer in the food industry, leaving a lasting impact on customers and redefining the way panipuris are enjoyed.

Through this trailblazing venture, they revolutionize the traditional way of serving panipuris, offering a modern and hygienic experience to their customers. Their dedication to creating a unique and safe culinary journey sets them apart as pioneers in the food industry, leaving a lasting impact on patrons and redefining the enjoyment of panipuris. With their passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, “E-panipurii kartz” continues to delight customers, one delightful panipuri at a time.

Their unwavering determination to bring something fresh to the plate kept them going, pushing the boundaries of culinary possibilities. With a strong focus on hygiene and safety, “E-panipurii kartz” introduces an innovative solution that seamlessly blends tradition with technology. The tagline, “This is an innovative way of serving the panipuris with absolute hygiene,” aptly captures the essence of their vision.

Funding: 15.17 lacs

Revenue Model: 5 Cr. & 52.5 Lacs (By selling machine, Raw materials and Mobile Subscription)

Market Category: B2B, Food

About Venture: E-Panipurii

For Food Vendors who serve Panipuri in a Traditional manner, we will provide Touchless operating of the machine from Mobile App with “Thesaurus” E-Nose Application. Different from Water shots/Rapido/Penguin, we have this unique advantage of our own Recipe of Spices in paste form prepared from lab tested quality ingredients and offers contactless serving with Hygiene & Food Safety, monitoring Temperature, TDS, pH, Acidity and detect spoiled Ingredients.

The heart of this revolutionary app lies in its E-Nose technology. It monitors various essential parameters, including temperature, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), pH levels, and acidity, and even detects any spoiled ingredients. This real-time monitoring ensures that every panipuri served is of the highest quality and complies with stringent food safety standards Hygiene and Food Safety in Street food.

In E-Panipurii, we carefully craft spice paste recipe which enhances the panipuri’s flavors, tantalizing taste buds like never before. Created with the perfect blend of spices and lab-tested quality ingredients, it promises an unmatched burst of authentic flavors in every bite.

For customers, this means indulging in their favorite panipuris with absolute confidence in their safety and quality. Thesaurus E-Nose Application ensures that every panipuri they enjoy is a delightful experience, free from any potential health risks.

Company vision: To Upgrade the Traditional method of Panipuri Business and ensure Hygiene, Food Safety & Quality

  • Customer Feedback and Improvement:
  • Sustainability and Packaging
  • Quality Spice Paste
  • Hygienic Production Environment
  • Lab-Tested Ingredients
  • Touchless Serving System

We have Installation Pan India in 35+ towns, Our First Company Owned Flagship Outlet is successfully running from Two months. Plan to Open 10 more Outlets.


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