Drivezy Launched as an Aggregator, Buying Automobiles Hastily

Drivezy Launched as an Aggregator, Buying Automobiles Hastily

Across the world, mobility has put up with a massive hit due to the pandemic. Commenced in 2015 to encourage people to lease self-drive cars, the peer-to-peer automobile sharing outlet has since then widened into two-wheelers. People have aspiring desires, everyone wants better cars, BMWs, and Audis, for example, and no associations are tackling the issue of bringing the cost of renting these models down. Contemplating that there is also a burgeoning market for scooters in the country, that could also be an area where Drivezy will get pertained to.

In 2015, Drivezy launched as an aggregator; buying vehicles directly, either through property money or through financing choices from banks and other lending organisations. The idea of Drivezy came to Ashwarya who was joined by his college friends, Hemant Kumar Sah, Vasant Verma, and Amit Sahu, to rise with a new concept: Justride (rebranded to Drivezy) which authorised people to hire cars for self-drive.

Our rental plans absolve the need of high investments for owning an automobile as customers can rent a vehicle by the hour, day, week or month,” says Ashwarya Singh, Co-founder, and CEO, Drivezy

Created a Paperless Operations Process That Utilized an In-House Android App for Immediate Oversight

Drivezy focuses on streamlining the process of hiring vehicles by developing scalable devices to conduct and facilitate commerce while providing an inexpensive mode of transport to all. Self-drive car rentals and self-drive bike rental alternatives are getting exceptionally popular in Bengaluru. In April 2015, the team had begun as micro-leasing assistance, enabling customers to rent cars by the hour and day. For the first few months, they had a modest website that authorised consumers to access the service. A seed round in August 2016 allowed Drivezy to improve the tech team and twirl out apps on Android and iOS as the demand for benefits grew.

Introducing Two-Wheelers on the Road

In 2017, the co-founders agreed on to enter the two-wheeler segment, the best mode of commute in India. They started by rolling out weekly and monthly leasing plans for bikes and scooters. The launch of two-wheelers, which was founded on customer feedback, turned out to be a game-changer. The startup glimpsed organic demand from administrators, who were keen to work for delivery services and upcoming bike taxi companies but did not own a two-wheeler.

Introducing Two-Wheelers on the Road Drivezy | Karo Startup

Drivezy enforced a regular feedback and mark system that permitted customers to extend suggestions and rate their rental knowledge. Data acquired from every forum is separated by the customer care team and dispatched to the pertinent section for action.

Today, we are the largest two-wheeler sharing service in India, with more than 17,000 bikes operational on our platform. These vehicles are used by executives who work with companies like Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo, Rapido, Ola, and eCommerce companies,” Ashwarya says.

Ashwarya Singh Co Founder and CEO, Drivezy | Karo Startup

Drivezy pivoted to a Full-franchisee Model

The mobility startup began with leasing around 250 cars. Today, it has expanded its services to include 4,000 vehicles and 16,000 two-wheelers. It also started operations in the US. In the next iteration, the team collaborated with a consortium of 25 banks and NBFCs to ensure financing for new cars. Ashwarya highlighted that they then reached out to people who wished to purchase a car but could not afford the EMI’s. By monetising their vehicles through our platform, they were able to pay off the recurring monthly installments without any financial burden. As of today, they have 20 franchise units in five cities. The franchise model allows them to scale operations without any significant investment on their part rapidly.

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