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The arising out of the education technology territory has the potential to relieve the students of their shared fear. Gurgaon-based Doubtnut, an ed-tech startup founded in 2016, through its app, provides students with a free video solution to their maths problems. An ed-tech startup which proposes live online solutions for solving the user’s doubts. Unlike other edtech startups, Doubtnut’s use is mainly driven by students in tier II and tier III cities because of its multilingual assistance – Doubtnut operates in 11 languages.

The app is catering to students from sixth grade onwards for maths and science doubts.

Incepted in 2017 by Tanushree Nagori and Aditya Shankar, Doubtnut offers free solutions to users who can send snapshots of their doubts over the platform. The target audience here is the K12 segment, mainly answers for Mathematics doubts for IIT JEE examinations. Initially, they provided solutions for Math problems exclusively until August 2019, but since then they have ventured into other subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology.

Solutions given on the app are mostly in the form of screencast videos, with step-by-step audio instructions on how to reach the final answer.

Tanushree Nagori, Co-Founder, Doubnut, said,We aim to use technology to provide a democratic, comprehensive and easily accessible education solution to all students – in the language and manner that they best understand.

In less time, the startup asserted to have recorded over five million monthly active users (MAU) on its forum. About 12-13 million doubts are put forward every month, including a peak of 400,000 each day, and more than 4,000 videos are produced daily. The average video length is 4.5 minutes. Additionally, it has about two million subscribers on YouTube and is already getting more than 20,000 queries via WhatsApp, where it launched in June.

How The Platform Works

Doubtnut uses complex Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, and image recognition technology to show video lessons in response to photos of text problems. Students have to snap a picture of the question and upload it on the app. The platform then scrapes the text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), matches it with pre-recorded content in its database, and directs the user to a solution video. The average time spent by users on the platform is 17-20 minutes and can even go up to 40 minutes for highly engaged ones.


Omidyar Network and WaterBridge have invested about ₹35,000,000 ($539,000) on Doubtnut. In January 2020, the company raised $15 million in Series A round of funding from China’s Tencent Holdings, and existing investors Sequoia Capital and Omidyar Network India.

Future Growth

Doubtnut Founders | Karo Startup

Doubtnut reckons that its regional language proposing stands out, and that is what has persuaded quality investors to the startup. The startup intends to use the fresh capital to expand its product and language portfolio, influencer network, and team. It currently employs 35 people and works with about 150 interns who contribute to video-making.

Its next goal is to achieve virality on YouTube and WhatsApp. “I think that will be the next growth driver,says Tanushree, adding, “That is why we are now reaching out to influencers.

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