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Done Deal

In the high-stakes world of startups, the odds are often stacked against founders. Nine out of ten startups fail, and only a fortunate few achieve the coveted unicorn status.

Yet, against all odds, some passionate entrepreneurs leave their comfort zones, pour their hearts into their ventures, and hope to defy the statistics. What drives them to embark on this challenging journey? This is the question that often haunts founders, but it’s also the question that inspired the birth of Done Deal.

The Visionaries Behind Done Deal

Done Deal is the brainchild of a formidable team with a track record of building, scaling, and successfully selling multiple startups. Led by Rohit Raj, a seasoned entrepreneur who built and sold The Glitch to WPP in 2016 and Chtrbox to Qyou in 2020, the team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Joining him are Aneesh Sivakumar, an IIM Bangalore alumnus with 14 years of investment experience, and Ankur Jain, an IIT Kharagpur alumnus with over a decade of tech experience spanning Enterprise SaaS, Fintech, and Marketplaces. Together, they are on a mission to make every founder’s journey worth it.

The Genesis of Done Deal

“Why did you start up?” It’s a question that founders ask themselves repeatedly. The statistics are discouraging, and the path is fraught with challenges. However, the allure of success, no matter how slim the chances, continues to beckon. The founders of Done Deal set out on their entrepreneurial journey with a clear mission in mind: to improve the odds and ensure that every founder’s pursuit is worthwhile.

Modernizing M&A for Startups

Acquisitions represent a significant milestone in a founder’s journey, yet the current landscape is marked by fragmentation and opacity. Challenges abound in areas such as discovery, process access, and the stigma associated with actively seeking acquisition. Done Deal emerges as the solution to these issues, offering an end-to-end platform that simplifies and modernizes the legacy acquisition process for startups.

1. Discovery: A Vast Quality Network

Done Deal boasts the largest quality network of buyers and sellers, providing startups with unparalleled access to potential acquirers. This network eliminates the barriers that often hinder discovery, connecting the right startups with the right buyers efficiently.

2. Process: Streamlining with Technology

One of the most significant pain points in the M&A (Mergers and acquisitions) process is its lengthy duration. Done Deal leverages technology to streamline processes, reducing timelines by a staggering 80%. By automating and optimizing various stages of the acquisition process, startups can complete transactions more efficiently than ever before.

3. Access for All

Democratizing access to M&A opportunities is at the core of Done Deal’s mission. The platform provides on-demand support and resources, leveling the playing field and ensuring that all startups, regardless of their size or resources, have an equal chance to explore acquisition opportunities.

4. Eliminating Stigma

The fear of exposure often discourages founders from actively seeking acquisitions. Done Deal addresses this concern by enabling completely anonymous listings and privacy controls. Founders can discreetly explore potential partnerships without fear of unwanted attention.

The Done Deal Impact

With over 800 startups registered on the platform and more than 200 buyers actively exploring potential acquisition targets, Done Deal is already making waves in the startup ecosystem. The platform has successfully facilitated deals, including the noteworthy Flatheads acquisition, and has numerous promising conversations in the pipeline.

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Wrapping Up

Done Deal is not just a platform; it’s a movement. It’s a rallying cry to founders everywhere, encouraging them to dream big and pursue their goals fearlessly. In a world where startups face daunting odds, Done Deal is a beacon of hope, offering a path to success that’s more accessible and efficient than ever before.

Are you a founder ready to embark on your startup journey? Don’t let the odds deter you. Join the Done Deal revolution and make every moment of your entrepreneurial adventure worth it. Discover, streamline, and achieve success with Done Deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Done Deal?

Done Deal is an end-to-end platform that simplifies and modernizes the merger and acquisition (M&A) process for startups. It provides a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by founders when seeking acquisitions or partnerships.

2. How does Done Deal benefit startups?

Done Deal benefits startups by offering a vast quality network of potential buyers and sellers, streamlining M&A processes, democratizing access to opportunities, and ensuring privacy and anonymity during the process. This ultimately increases the chances of successful acquisitions.

3. Is Done Deal only for startups looking to sell or be acquired?

While Done Deal primarily focuses on assisting startups in the M&A process, it also offers resources and support for startups exploring partnerships, collaborations, and strategic alliances.

4. Who can join the Done Deal platform?

Done Deal is open to both startups seeking acquisitions or partnerships and potential buyers or investors interested in acquiring or collaborating with startups. The platform is designed to facilitate connections between these two groups.

5. Is there a cost associated with using Done Deal?

Done Deal’s pricing structure is undisclosed, but it is mentioned that they have a successful fee-driven platform with a take rate of 5%. This means that fees are generally incurred only upon successful M&A transactions.

6. How does Done Deal ensure privacy and anonymity for founders?

Done Deal takes privacy seriously and offers completely anonymous listing options. Founders can explore opportunities without revealing their identities until they are comfortable doing so. Privacy controls are also in place to protect sensitive information.


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