Disprz: “Knowledge-Tech” Start-up strives to make the workforce more Receptive, Productive, and Smarter

Disprz Knowledge-Tech Start-up strives to make the workforce more Receptive, Productive, and Smarter | Karo Startup

Disprz is an experienced advancement forum creating business impact by uniting the void between learning and working. Disprz is a people development & willingness platform helping organisations onboard, upskill, engage with & train their employees daily. They make employees better at what they do: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Support, Technology, R&D. Last year, Disprz was selected amongst Oracle’s first cohort of startups for its Startup Cloud Accelerator program in Mumbai.

About Disprz

The duo, Subramanian Viswanath and Kuljit Chadha realised they had the mastery of changing the way corporate learning transpired. Supplied with the idea of disrupting how knowledge is accomplished, they set up Disprz in 2015. The Mumbai and Chennai based startup Disprz, which helps to onboard and engage employees, boost their productivity and enables them to learn online continuously. It works across the expanse, right from when an employee enters a company. Disprz is a multilingual application which proposes a detailed learning management solution.


Disprz can significantly increase your employee engagement, thereby reducing the attrition rate. We can keep your geographically distributed workforce enabled, upskilled and work-ready. Through our unique digital onboarding programme, we can ensure faster and more effective onboarding of new hires, and raise the overall employee productivity,” says Subramanian Viswanath, Co-founder and CEO, Disprz

How Disprz Works?

The knowledge-tech startup makes employees pursue tasks and ensures that they attain it at a particular time. It picks a personalised proposal based on employee requests and ties up with the HR team to track their progress.

The app also gives continuous learning. If someone has to learn management, then it is not linked to a time frame, and the employee receives to continually engage with case studies such as client management and execution of sales or marketing strategies. The app pulls all the learning from the cloud and delivers it to the employees on their phone.

How Disprz Works | Karo Startup

Disprz’s Business Model

The business model is based on a pay-as-you-go model. In 2016, Disprz came up with its knowledge management platform and took it to a company that was looking to renovate its legacy systems. After this, a large Asian corporation gave them an aviator. Disprz initially offers a free trial, accompanied by a subscription model for companies. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform will use the new revenue to ramp up its data science potentials and to broaden systems to overseas markets. The startup has also integrated with leading massive open online course (MOOC) partners to provide off-the-shelf content to its clients.

Disprz offers 100,000 courses, and each employee can have a customised course. Several manufacturing corporations are using the Learning and Development SaaS platform to procure shop floor employees up to speed with new techniques and developments in the technology world. The company’s platform is used in several verticals, including banking, manufacturing, oil and gas, and retail.

Disprz’s Business Model | Karo Startup

Into the Future

The company has been funded by Xseed Partners, InnoVen Capital, Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd, and Kae Capital. The upskilling startup claims to have more than 180 clients, encompassing three of the world’s top insurance companies. Other prominent customers include Naspers, Delhivery, bankbazaar.com, and Hindustan Petroleum. Disprz was grabbed by Oracle for its global startup accelerator programme in 2018. Today, it integrates with Oracle HCM and Oracle Cloud, making it a favourable learning platform for enterprises that run on the Oracle Fusion platform. Disprz claims to have raised several million dollars (undisclosed) and is also producing an ample amount of revenue.

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