Dingg Understands That Your Time Is Precious

Dingg Understands That Your Time Is Precious | Karo Startup | Inspiring Startup Stories

Dingg is a mobile-based queue and booking management platform. It’s designed to form your life simple. To save the precious time of yours. They are really inspiring people to value time.

This system is using for the queue management system. Queues of people form in various situations and locations in a queue area. A queuing theory is a process of queue formation and distribution.


Explore Vendors

Dingg provides you a straightforward thanks to explore Salons, Doctors, Restaurants, and lots of a lot of around you.

 You can check their wait-times, and also be a part of the queue consequently.

Join Queue Remotely & Get Real-time Updates

Dingg users don’t have to be forced to decision or visit Vendors to hitch current queue or book services for the desired time, our app provides associate choice to make out remotely at your convenience. It keeps you updated with the current queue standing.

Reviews & Offers

  • Dingg provides you real reviews from verified client visits and direct offers from Vendors for loyal and frequent customers.
  • This makes certain you’ve got the simplest expertise, every time!
  • Dingg will save it slow and alter the approach you visit businesses around you.

Get To Know Dingg

 DINGG includes a stylish & versatile booking dashboard with a robust calendar that may handle all of your salon & spa bookings. BILL- versatile POS for quick, simple, and hassle-free checkout. Access consumer info, manage your membership, and secure redemptions. MANAGE – Manage your Inventory, staff schedule, access & login permissions, and daily expenses.

Powerful analytics & reports. MAGNET – DINGG will create your Salon act like MAGNET to draw in & retain customers.

Because of the natural event of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone has been sharply aware of maintaining distance, avoiding touching surfaces, and not indulging in social activities. Whereas it’s been some months of taking cares, even a visit to the grocery will get frustrating and challenging.  Addressing these challenges for purchasers is the Pune-based queue and book management platform, DINGG.

 It was launched in Sep 2019, the start-up provides a marketplace for purchasers to book appointments with doctors, salons, supermarkets, and alternative vendors on its platform.

Download Dingg if you’re:

  •  Sick and uninterested is waiting in the queue
  •  Distressed regarding your spot in the queue
  •  Wish to explore vendors around you
  •  Trying to find excellent offers & real reviews
  • Waiting time is feeding your family time

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